>Was the Sheriff a Greenie?


Was the Sherriff a Greenie?

Well at that time there was a good sized forest in Nottingham!

We all know the story. The Big Bad Sheriff of Nottingham, who was a power and control freak, robbed and taxed and punished the poor people – down to the ‘bread line’, and Robin of Loxley arrived – bow in hand – to save them and the Kingdom from his evil plans.

I wonder if this were happening today – and who is to say it isn’t, would we classify the Sheriff as a Greenie! (grin)

Now I am a fan of the story and I have watched many Robin Hood movies thru the years….. I found it very difficult to name my favourite actor who played the role; there have been quite a few of them. Errol Flynn would have to get my vote for his swashbuckling adventure style. Plus the fact he was Aussie Born – but then I was about to say so is Russell Crowe – then remembered he is a Kiwi. Sorry Russell, I do like your portrayal, but my vote goes to our home grown hero!

So where is Robin Hood when you need him most?
“Save us Robin, before Julia and The Greens tax us all to kingdom come”.

You have to wonder which, if any of our opposition ministers could fill the role of Robin Hood. I have been trying to imagine Tony Abbott in green tights – it just doesn’t work!

Warren Truss in the role conjures up an amusing picture.

Joe Hockey might fit the role of Friar Tuck better (grin), but Julia Bishop (lets not be sexist here) has definitely got the best legs for it! I wonder if she took archery classes at school.

Of course if she felt it was not her forte’, then I feel sure Barnaby Joyce would jump at the opportunity to swing thru the trees (are there any trees around Parliament House?) and fire off a few quivers full at the resident Sheriff of Canberra and his cronies.

Come on Robin, whoever you are – it is time to save the population from the horrors of over taxation. Parliament and the People of Australia await your arrival with baited breath.

Robin Hood Theme Song

Robin Hood Men in Tights


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  1. Jane says:

    >But one of those tunics to hide the red budgie smugglers would be good – and then there's Maid Marion & Friar Tuck – who they sent to the US – I reckon Kev07 would be a better looking R Hood

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