>Warren Bemoans ~~~


Warren has every right to moan and moan loudly too!

We should all be aware by now that Labor has again been put into government in Australia, and that during the past 17 days many ‘deals’ have been struck by the Independent MP’s who decided to seek several changes to the way things are run in Canberra.

The particular one Warren is bemoaning is:

….. change which would involve each parliamentary day starting with a ”welcome to country”. This would precede the prayer.

So what is this “welcome to country”?
‘Welcome to Country’ is an important ceremony by Aboriginal people and inviting them to perform it helps non-Indigenous people recognize Aboriginal culture and history.

An ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ can be done by everyone, Indigenous or non-Indigenous, to pay respect to the fact that one is on Aboriginal land.

What is the history behind this ‘important ceremony’?
“It has now been revealed that the concept of the welcome-to-country ceremony was made up in Perth by entertainers Ernie Dingo and Richard Walley in 1976, after pressure from visiting Pacific Islander dancers who refused to perform at a festival unless they were welcomed with a ceremony, as was traditional in their own region,” Akerman opined.

“Dingo and Walley came up with something acceptable to their Islander guests, The Australian reported yesterday.”

Here we have it folks
God, The Creator, is now going to take second place to a recently ‘made up’ welcoming ceremony. God who made the Heavens and the Earth – the Continent of Australia, The Aboriginal People and the Politicians is being forced out.

Has anyone ever considered just why we are able to say ‘Welcome To Country’ in the first place? Simply put if there were No Creation, No Creator, No God, then there would be no need for “Welcome To Country’ because there would be no country to welcome….. It would not exist – big void and lots of nothingness.

Warren Truss please make more noise….. Very loud and very strong, and all God Loving Australians please join him.

We have a Prime Minister who openly declares she does not need God to run this country, and now she has allocated Our Divine Creator second place……. won’t be much longer before she shows him the back door —– Out You Go God – YOU are NOT required!

Come on people, stop sitting there quietly acquiescing…… FIGHT BACK!

To My Brother and Sister Indigenous Australians, I am not disputing the fact that you deserve respect, you most certainly do. I just want you and us to agree that the Creator God comes first please. Without Creator God there would be no land, no people, no nation……..



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