>The Poli’s Resurrection Shuffle ~~~

>This was not a good day to wake up – in pain (fibromyalgia is an ugly disorder!) and discover that our ‘credible’ politicians were doing the ‘Resurrection Shuffle’. Come on now, anyone of my age (I am not telling) should remember the One Hit Wonder of the 1970’s sung by Ashton, Gardiner and Dyke! (see link below)

Firstly Julia Gillard is resurrecting (former Labor Prime Minister) gallbladder-less Kevin Rudd, who has avowed to do all in his power to prevent the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott from ‘sliding’ into power at the next election. Mr. Rudd has promised that once he gets the ‘all clear’ from his doctors, he will be on the campaign trail, working to see Ms. Gillard elected as Australia’s (first female) next Prime Minister. Hopefully the doctors that removed his gallbladder, also attended to the knife wound in his back.

Look I have strong Christian values and I do believe in forgiving your enemy, so I applaud Kevin for wanting to see Julia, who only a few weeks ago – knifed him in the back – elected. I just do not understand why she has called him back from his forced retirement to defend her though. She put him out of his job and his family out of their home only a few weeks ago, and now she needs him urgently to campaign beside her? It was my understanding that she had the complete backing of the Labor Party and the Union Movement…. So why does she need to call a sick man, from his hospital bed to come and defend her?

It also begs the question of what magical power Rudd has that she does not. Also what deals have been entered into behind closed doors (Julia will not tell of course she will claim that ‘confidentiality’ clause yet again). Let’s see IF she wins the election just what post/position is handed to Kevin…. anyone like me – thinking Foreign Minister?

Now if that was not enough to make an un well blogger worse, we discover that Tony Abbott has decided to match Julia and is resurrecting (former Liberal Prime Minister) John Howard, to campaign with him.

Mr Howard said he had watched Ms Gillard in the few weeks she had been in office and said she had failed to fix the boat people issue, the mining tax and respond to climate change. ”She has been a total failure and in my view an even bigger failure than her predecessor,” he said.

I have to tell you Tony, that I was a tad disappointed to wake up and discover you felt it necessary to try and imitate Ms. Gillard. I truly believe you can stand on your own two feet and win this campaign. No I have nothing against John Howard, I just want to see you let your own credibility shine through.

So I sat down to breakfast with this blog already forming in my pain filled, semi conscious mind, and over my egg on toast, DH tells me that the Australian Labor Party, last night pledged $1.5 million of taxpayer dollars towards the celebration of Mother Mary MacKillop’s canonisation on October 17.

One would have to be a real cynic to suppose this was partly an effort on Ms. Gillard’s part to get back the Catholic Vote she thinks, just might be leaning towards her adversary, Tony Abbott, himself a practising Catholic.

Julia, Dear Julia, one cannot buy ones way into heaven. That went out years ago! You really need to learn (relearn?) that Catholicism is only one of many Christian Denominations. What plans do you have to assist other denominations and faiths with their ‘pet projects’?

The money will also go towards the production of educational materials and public events taking place at Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney.

And then to make matters even worse we find that not to be outdone, the opposition’s treasury spokesman Joe Hockey immediately matched the amount at a fundraising event in Sydney.

What’s next folks, will we be seeing clones of Winston Churchill entering this election? Well his teeth are available I believe!

Enough is enough people. Where is this money coming from? Who is printing it for you? Stop playing one off against the other and get down to real and serious business. Maybe the Catholic vote will go to Tony Abbott, maybe it won’t…… there are other groups here in Australia – lift your focus and stop playing games! Yes I do believe most Australians want a Prime Minister with a high moral standard, and if you read the article from the Australian, you will find that even Cardinal George Pell found nice things to say about Ms. Gillard!

We are half way through this election campaign folks, and we want facts not just monopoly money and empty promises being bandied about. How many of Kevin Rudd’s last election promises remain unfulfilled?

Hospitals, schools, transport, the environment, the armed services, mental health, youth, families and senior citizens are all vital elements of this campaign, and I for one would like to hear more about what you intend to put into place in this regard.

Leave the dead to bury the dead, a very wise man once said……… (Lk 9:60) Let’s get this election over and done with and begin moving Australia forward once again. Right now I feel it is stagnating in a cemetery somewhere.

Till next time………

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Luke 9:60

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