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I came across an article in the past few days showing that a part of our Food Chain had been seriously damaged due to the horrendous amounts of chemical dispersants sprayed in, over and through the Deepwater Horizon Oil Gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

Of course this was not the only time I had read that scientists were worried that ocean life as well as human life could be seriously endangered because of the use of corexit dispersant.

Another article suggests that because the amount of oil seems to be lessening (BP capped the gusher recently) they (BP) are preparing to scale back their clean up attempts in the affected areas.

In a rather large and blatantly Pro BP article at the UK’s Mail Online, at least one reader/ commentator managed to remember that even though the visible evidence of this catastrophic oil spill maybe diminishing, there is still the issue of the toxic dump that BP caused with dispersing corexit at such huge volumes.

“I see one major issue not addressed in this advertisement for BP which you call a news piece!! And that is the use of the dispersant Corexit 9500. Oil is toxic at 11ppb (parts per billion) and corexit at (4ppb). This TOXIC chemical prevents the oil molecules from bonding with each other … which breaks up the oil and makes it sink. Thus taking a surface oil problem and dispersing it throughout the water column. So perhaps you need to make mention of the estimates 2million plus gallons (low estimate) of this poison… as well as the massive lake of oil on the sea floor and in the water column. Not to mention recent water sampling done by the local LA media which tested the waters at open beaches. (Where kids were playing and it “looked clean”)… these waters tested at 280 ppb.. 1ppb is toxic. And we have not a clue how the oil and dispersant cocktail will effect anything!! But one thing is certain it is TOXIC and in a few months you too will have to deal with it.”

What is for dinner and did it come from the Gulf?

If it is proven that larvae of blue crabs and fiddler crabs sampled from Louisiana to Pensacola are contaminated with oil and corexit dispersant, (as one expert put it) “the effect on fisheries could last “years, probably not a matter of months” and affect many species.

SO we just stop eating crab and it will be OK right? Wrong!

It all comes down to understanding the food chain. The food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community (an ecosystem) to obtain nutrition.

I learned all about the food chain as a child in school (many years ago) and I seriously doubted much had changed since then. But just to be on the safe side I did go and look at what kids are being taught in schools today. The one thing that stuck out in my memory was that WE HUMANS are top of the food chain – excepting attacks by wild animals such as lions, tigers and bears (and maybe BP!).

In oceans, as on land, there is a natural interconnection of creatures that forms a kind of food chain.

Diatoms are microscopic plants that make their own food from sunlight. (Did the thick covering of oil whilst it was spewing, prevent sunlight from birthing diatoms?)

Zooplanktons are tiny sea animals, such as krill, copepods, medusa jellyfish, and crab larvae. (Were the zooplanktons poisoned with the corexit and oil mixture? Seems highly possible.)

Small fish might include mackerel, herring, and basking sharks, as well as crustaceans (crab, shrimp, and lobster), molluscs (clams, scallops) and squid. (Now the next in the food chain – small fish etc will be contaminated because of consuming the zooplanktons.)

Large fish might include swordfish, tuna, octopus, and shark. (Next to gobble up the toxins are the Large (er) fish which are served on our dinner plates.)

Killer whales eat other whales and seals, as well as fish. (These higher up the chain whales and seals and dolphins etc will also suffer. We could see some terrible suffering in the months ahead.)

Diatoms < Zooplankton < Small Fish < Large Fish < Killer Whales<  HUMANS ARE HERE TOO!

Some scientists describe the ocean ecosystem more as a web than a chain because many sea creatures eat more than one kind of creature, and some creatures eat others from their own group.

Human beings love their sea food, it is purported to be very good for us for a protein source and health wise for Omega 3 oils.

Thousands of people make a living off the oceans, fishing, shrimping, crabbing and oystering (to name some occupations.)

It is not only humans who consume seafood either. Your pets do as well.

Many medicines are made from the life found in the oceans.

And now we find that BP has been attempting to buy off scientists, who if they ‘sign on’ with BP, will be prevented from sharing their findings with the rest of the scientific community – that also means you and I won’t get to know what they discover – be it good or bad!

Here are just a few things BP has been caught out in:

Scaling back on the clean up, buying off scientists, doctoring photographs, misrepresenting the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP buying the top advertising space on Google and Yahoo! search results pages for terms such as ‘oil spill’, ‘oil leak’, ‘oil disaster’ and ‘Gulf of Mexico’.

And now they want to cut back on the cleanup effort because less oil is visibly washing up on beaches. Did no one learn anything from the Exxon Valdez spill?

People remember you schooling…… remember your food chain education. Think about what this really means.

Years from now those toxins will still be in your bodies, creating who knows what in the way of diseases? And BP will be gone…. out of sight …. away from you and yours. They will be making more money for the share holders, whilst you, maybe writhing in agony and fighting to get your medical treatments paid for, from a fund which may be dried up.

Has BP promised to pay for any illness that arises from this disaster? Have they scientifically proven that nothing in the food chain has been polluted? Can you trust them?

So what’s for dinner tonight? BP soup…… Think on it.

Please take the time to follow the references and links below. Knowledge is Power.


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