>Why would younger women vote for Julia Gillard and retiree’s not?


Is it a case of let’s see if the Australian Public will be happy having a de facto ‘First Couple’ living in ‘sin’ the Lodge?

Have moral standards slipped so low that the voting women of Australia are cheering loudly for a liberated woman with lower moral standards?

How can I say that? I am being judgemental? She has a right to live her life any way she chooses right? But she can’t have it both ways people.

The Preamble to The Australian Constitution contains the words, “Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”. Julia Gillard does not believe in Almighty God! She is a self professed Atheist people. Like it or not, she either swears ‘fealty’ to the Country and People of Australia and its Constitution, or she backs down now – pulls out of this campaign, and accepts her role as a minister in the next Labor Government if elected, or as whatever role her party sees fit to offer her. She and “They” cannot have it both ways – humbly relying on a God their chosen member does not believe in.

What could really be behind the women’s popular turning towards labor?

The effect of Ms Gillard’s political honeymoon since becoming Prime Minister is that she appears to be stealing female votes from both the Coalition and the Greens.

Whereas Labor voters were split evenly along gender lines in their support for Kevin Rudd, Ms Gillard enjoys five points more support from female Labor voters than men, which suggests many women are attracted to the prospect of electing a female leader.

Her government leads the opposition 58-42 per cent among women, but the vote is tied 50-50 among men.

Is this going to be a gender election people? That would be a grave mistake I believe. Issues and policies are the important things here, and not who has the sexiest ankles or the prettiest hair colouring!

It’s not very long ago that the American People voted in their First African American President – on a platform of ‘change’. I would guess that non white Americans were delirious when Barack Obama was sworn in as their 44th President, praying for, pleading for and dreaming of great changes that would be of immense benefit to themselves. There are many disappointed Black voters in the USA.

Julia Gillard is not your average 49 year old, with home, family, husband, kids, mortgage etc etc….. (I don’t know about mortgage!), and she has certainly worked long and hard to attain the position she currently holds – as Australia’s First unelected woman Prime Minister. She is different! She holds the dubious honour of stabbing her leader in the back (but “confidentiality” won’t allow her to tell us exactly how she did it) with the support of the Unions.

By all means celebrate Gillard’s choice to be different. But don’t vote for her to prove to our daughters and grand daughters that girls can have it all. A real win for feminism will be recorded when a woman is elected prime minister thanks to sound policies rather than some free gender kick, no matter how well intentioned.

And for the pensioners, male and female…. beware of what has been said and done behind those closed doors, which cannot be revealed because of “confidentiality ….” GOSH that word is going to be the slogan of her campaign me thinks!

In the report, Mr Oakes said Ms Gillard disputed the idea that a parental leave scheme, set at the minimum wage, would be a political winner. The story said Ms Gillard believed such a scheme would be resented by people beyond child-bearing age and stay-at-home mums.Ms Gillard was also accused of questioning the $14 billion pension increase on the grounds that elderly people did not support Labor.

Julia,  following in an old Roman tradition…. “Et tu, Brute” –

“Be careful of the words you say, keep them soft and sweet, because you never know, from day to day, which words you’ll have to eat.”

Come visit the document:  The Canberra Declaration 2010


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5 Responses to >Why would younger women vote for Julia Gillard and retiree’s not?

  1. magsx2 says:

    >Hi,To me it doesn't matter if our PM is married or not or having a de-facto relationship, or whether or not they believe in God, as I don't feel any of these things will make much difference to how the Party's policies affect the Australian People. As we have seen from this Labor Government, the PM or Leader of the party can be thrown out at anytime. Just look at what happened to Rudd.The most important thing is the policies, and how they will affect the Nation as a whole, also your own lifestyle. Labor announced a whole heap of policies in 2007, most didn't work, or will never be implemented, so you also have to look at past efforts as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >why is it that some in this generation fail to see that without the Judaeo Christian ethics and laws we now have in place in Australia – we could very well be under a different code of law…. sharia law for example. Women then would have no place in society at all except to be used and abused. Gillard needs to recognise this, as do all Australian women, and be truly greatful for the ethics we have in law in this country – be truly thankful to God and our ancestors, and be very very careful that we do not take all this for granted.

  3. Sandra says:

    >Strangely enough I was part of a conversation with a group of older women and none of them are interested in voting for Julia at all.Unfortunately it is going to be a woman/power thing because that is how stupid some women are. Personally, I think Kevin Rudd was inept, I don't think Julia is any better. She still hasn't run a business, she still has no economic experience and she bullied her way into the position she is in. Kevin Rudd was at least chosen by the people. She has done him out of his job, his home and his livelyhood. Is this really the kind of person we want in power? Isn't it this kind of bullying that had people backing up and sent to Australia as convicts?

  4. Anonymous says:

    >How about we PRAY for Julia …..to become a Christian…to get married ..to turn her life around as befits a PM.

  5. MassiveSpray says:

    >"How about we PRAY for Julia …..to become a Christian…to get married ..to turn her life around as befits a PM. "Yes because as we all know only Christians are proper people…Wake up and join the 21st century idiot.

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