>Life – a precious gift ~~~

>In an act of love, a married couple have sexual intercourse, a wonderful time of intimacy, during which, if the biological ‘time’ is ripe, the male sperm will impregnate the female ovum and a new life will be conceived.

At no time during that act of intimacy can I imagine the (soon to be) parents shouting ‘STOP’ —– ‘what if this new life is deformed physically or mentally, will we abort it?’.

Yet these days it seems it is perfectly OK for the mother, or both parents to decide that  because my fetus is ‘defective’ I don’t want it, and I will kill it now rather than love it into life.

I always believed it Was God who had control over life and death – was I wrong?

This article has just be put up over at Success and failure.net.  Please come and read it and pray with me.


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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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  1. Joseph says:

    >I think you'll like this. :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnOzFmNac0EBless you for your obedience,Joseph @ http://www.serious-things.com

  2. Twin-Daddy says:

    >Apparently God often does abort babies, many many women miscarry without even knowing it.Many christian women take the birth control pill, the holy spirit doesn't seem concerned enough to alert them that this method does occasionally disallow a fully fertilized embryo to fail to implant.Also, it's not really another persons place to decide what is right and wrong for someone else. Who made you the judge?

  3. >Twin-Daddy, you are evil, doubly so if you claim to be a Christian. I took the birth control pill, and the Holy Spirit did let me know it was wrong, I just did not understand until I happened upon the truth later. Does the fact that 3-year-olds sometimes die mean we can kill them? I would hope you say no. Yes, God causes/allows people of all ages to die, but that does not mean it's okay to murder someone of the same age.Your casual dismissal of miscarriage is also hurtful. I have noticed that those who believe abortion is okay have little to offer those who have lost wanted babies.But God said that children are an heritage and a reward; He said be fruitful and multiply; Jesus, whom we are to emulate, said "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them."God cares deeply about every child, even those whose mothers never know they exist, and he knows where they fall–just as he sees the sparrows fall. And He gathers them to Himself, for they will accept Him as a little child, being little children. But woe to you who cause others to sin against His littlest ones.

  4. Twin-Daddy says:

    >Oh my..Evil! Haha.. Actually I in no way claim to be a christian, my morals are much higher than that.Woe to Jesus, he sins against little ones all the time. He sits idly by and watches them suffer and die when he could indeed help. That's the sin of neglect and your Jesus is guilty of it. He's evil indeed. How sad that the all powerful being couldn't speak just a little more clearly and stop you from potentially aborting a precious little child. How sad indeed, and how indicative that you had to be told something is wrong before your all powerful being could be understood. How sad..and how stupid. It's good evidence that you're god is made up by you."I have noticed that those who believe abortion is okay have little to offer those who have lost wanted babies."I've not noticed that at all.. When you only have one life to live and when its ends, that's it, tends to make people much more caring about the life they have.. No one devalues life more than God.. You're just a sad sinner who deserves hell (according to your own bible). So don't lecture an atheist on the value of life.. Your barking up the wrong tree..

  5. >Joseph that link is wonderfullhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnOzFmNac0EI highly commend it as it is, but especially as it also deals with the question of abortion of 'defective' fetus'…. babies who will be born with genetic and or physical impairments – and their 'right to live'.

  6. Joseph says:

    >Twin, It is very difficult for a believer to discuss God with an unbeliever. It's oil and water, they don't mix. Just as I am cemented in, God does in fact exist. You are just the same, cemented in, that God does not exist.So now, where does that leave us? I'm not going to down talk you about your belief.. it's your choice. i.e. Do you believe in Global Warming? If, for example, you did… I do not. What will it profit to go back and forth. It's about a belief system, which creates a person's reality. I had an atheist friend ask me the other day.. "What would you do if some kind of final proof showed up at your doorstep that proved God was not real?" I said: "I would still follow the teachings of Jesus Christ because they are morally just." He said "Good answer." Then I asked him, what would you do if Jesus came knocking on your door? He said "I would humbly fall to my knees." I said "Good answer."But see, here's the challenge at hand. Jesus is at everyone's door. It takes belief to "see" Him. As long as you believe there is no chance of a spiritual realm, you'll never see Him unless He reveals Himself in a manner, such as showing up at your doorstep and doing a miracle. That takes zero belief, zero faith, and no effort on your part. As Jesus said, ye must be born again to "see" the kingdom of God. Many see the kingdom of God. Many do not. It takes humility, a drop of humbleness to say "ya know, maybe He is real. Let me seek, ask, and knock on the door." When that happens, He opens the door and there He stands. With pride in the forefront (Adam/Eve), the very thing Jesus came to break us free from, is the very thing that is stopping us from believing.We had worldly teachers, teaching us a me-first mentality (Adam/Eve), pride, ego, etc. None of us knew any differently. For the believers, the spiritual heavens open up when we were born again. We see a new reality, which is contrary to the reality of the world. Your reality, the same one I once wholly lived in, I fully understand. I was with you, side by side. Then I asked: "Lord, if you're out there watching over me, please let me know." Bam, another belief and humility to open up floodgates of unexplained miracles and "coincidences". Things that would blow your mind that prove God, but see, without believing.. You will read what I say, Jesus will be standing at the door showing you, but you won't believe because it is not tangible. It is spiritual. It is out of love for you and your soul. I don't slam you or say you're evil for being an unbeliever, that's the last thing we need is another war. I really got nothing for you.. only love. I care for you, and I pray that the Lord reveals Himself to you. He may be revealing Himself every day to you, but if you're not believing, He can't be seen. He will reveal Himself to you if you humble yourself enough to seek, ask, and knock with an honest heart. Check out my testimony: http://serious-things.com/about-5/my-testimony/ Tell me my dog and the picture of Christ was a "coincidence". Before you say it is, study the word coincidence and its root coincide. If you have the time, read some of the testimonies. They are mind boggling and cannot happen without intervention from God. If you want to talk about them offline, you can get a hold of me from my website.God bless you man. I love you dude.. don't let the man-taught reality be in focus, there is another way that you haven't experienced. There are 2 realities. I have lived both of them, and the unseen is more real than the seen. Here's one: http://serious-things.com/testimony-the-golden-calf/another (jump down to ex-employee #2): http://serious-things.com/testimony-humbled-by-2-old-co-workers/

  7. Joseph says:

    >I'm a fool, in a love with a fool, who is still in love with you…Take care..

  8. Joseph says:

    >The prophet is a fool, the spiritual man is insane – according to man. It was a spiritual phrase that was read from human eyes. Ye must be born again to see the kingdom of God. Anything I say will be foolishness to you.. Why continue?He who the Son sets free is free indeed. I am truly free, the chains of the world are broken. Praise God.If ya wanna talk offline, I'm willing. Hit me up. Time to move on. Take care

  9. Joseph says:

    >I'll leave with this. Check this out and then email me.. tell me where there is a lack of truth – http://serious-things.com/wisdom-and-choice/

  10. Joseph says:

    >Well, I guess I can't leave this one alone..Such a question for a "30yr Christian". Interesting.. Let's take an honest and truthful look at this. There are 2 types of Christians. Were you a carnal/secular Christian for 30yrs, just going through the motions? Or were you a true follower of Jesus Christ, studying the Word of God, yielding to and surrendering to Jesus Christ… for 30yrs? It's only one or the other. Pretty simple. Right?If you were a true follower of Jesus Christ for 30yrs (studying the word, yielding and surrendering to Christ, etc.) you would know the written word and how ridiculous your challenge is to believers. If this is the case, then your challenge is nothing short of baiting. A trap. Deception, temptation, distraction, one who tries to steal, kill and destroy. That's not you? Ok..then you were not a real Christian for 30yrs. Hmm. It's either one or the other.. really it is. Thus, something has just been uncovered. That's how the truth works, it reveals. But yes, I know the game oh so well. You have an answer for this too.. It's called a "distraction tactic." Call me a name, point a finger at me, find a keyword or phrase in my response to nitpick at, start a new topic, or better yet, just say: "LOOK OVER THERE! LOOK OVER HERE! But whatever you do, do NOT look at the man behind the curtain!" Yep..distraction tactics, I played them for years to hide my wickedness.Welcome to bondage Mr. Freeman. Now you must keep hiding and playing games.. that doesn't sound like freedom to me. Duck and weave, hide-n-seek, play the game.. in the end, truth can't be escaped. Humble yourself.. or..let the chains of pride keep you in bondage.. your choice.

  11. >Twin, I did not know your history.But if you truly knew God and turned away, your evil and the judgement that awaits you are beyond measure.If you never truly knew God, there may be hope for you.I have had too many prayers answered to deny to myself that God exists. Not miracles–other than the everyday miracles of creation and children and love–but I know God hears.To be specific would be to cast pearls before swine (especially as you present yourself as the sow that has been washed and gone back to wallowing in the mud). And the wisdom of God is foolishness to the perishing. So what God has given me as wisdom, you will call foolishness.But the change of a human heart is more of a miracle than to cause the sun to move backward in the sky or the waters of the flooded Jordan to pile up. And God changed my heart when I didn't want Him, changed my heart when I would have lived a lie, changes my heart so that I can worship and serve Him. I have prayed to God to reveal your numbers to me. If He does I will let you know. But He wouldn't be much of a God if He did as I told Him–then I would be God.

  12. >Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Dt 6:16 Luke 4:12

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