>God Heals and the doctor takes the fee ~~~


It never ceases to amaze me where I can hear The Lord talking with me. Actually I am blessed that I feel at ease having simple and profound conversations with My God.

He is so easy to access and he converses with me in a language I can understand – not heady theological treaties, just plain English!

Today’s conversation took place whilst I was cleaning the shower recess. It is not a job I enjoy doing, but it is necessary. I have a rotten head cold, so I figured a long hot relaxing shower would do me good, and I could attend to that chore at the same time. Perhaps it was the benefit of the steam from the shower, opening my sinuses, and the water relaxing aching muscles, because once again I heard an inner voice talking to me, and this time it was about healing.

When my few chores were complete, a hot cup of decaf at my side, and an internet at my finger tips, I began to look for some thoughts on God and healing. It’s not that I don’t know the bible is full of parables and psalms that talk about God’s wonderful and miraculous healing interventions – I most certainly do. I guess I wanted to hear what others say about this wonderful gift.

Of course the very first thing that turned up was the quote from Benjamin Franklin, God heals and the doctor takes the fee. It made me smile big time.

Those who know my husband and I recognise us as people who prefer the ‘alternative’ route to health and healing. Where possible we try to avoid medical interventions, with the exception that we do understand the emergency room can saves lives. No we are not anti doctor; we just look at the patient doctor relationship in a very different way to many people.

We see it as a ‘team effort’; they are on our team if we choose to ‘employ’ them, whereas many of them see it quite differently – in that ‘we’ are their patients and ‘we’ should do as they tell us – no argument and little if no discussion.

The human body is a wonderful machine….. A true powerhouse of action imbued / saturated / endowed with the spirit of God. I get lost for words when I try to describe the wonder of Gods creation. Not one part of us is accidental, every cell, every molecule of DNA is by design – the deliberate design of our Creator God who made us in His own image and likeness. (Gen 1:27)

Reverend J F Hudson tells us: “[The body is] a marvelous machine … a chemical laboratory, a powerhouse.

It’s a miracle you and I woke up today. That we opened our eyes, took a deep breath, planted our feet on the floor and then shuffled off to the coffee maker. For all those seemingly simple physical acts to happen, our human bodies had to carry out a symphony of thousands of interconnected and complicated impulses. Brain synapses firing off in a millisecond. Blood coursing through veins. Oxygen pulled into the lungs. Muscles contracting then stretching, all to just to get us out of bed.

The human body is a miracle. On average, the human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells and when those nerves fire up, that impulse travels at about 170 miles per hour. The average human heart beats 3,000 million times in a lifetime, pumping 48 million gallons of blood, which travels 60,000 miles on its journey through the body every day. In the last 24 hours, you’ve breathed almost 24,000 times. In and out … in and out.

So our bodies are wondrous machines that ‘house’ the eternal life of God. Do we call that ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’? It’s a wonderful gift at any rate!

We should take care of and nourish the body IT IS a gift of God to house His spirit.

We need to take even greater care of the spirit that is ‘housed’ within the body – it needs nourishment also.

Spiritual health – spiritual healing may well be what the Lord was talking to me about whilst taking care of my chores today. My Cold will get better in due time because my human body has the inbuilt ability to fight against the germs.
My soul, my spirit needs medical intervention – and I want God to heal me.

In this case I shall not be paying any doctor – Jesus has already paid the ultimate price, so all future services are free!

The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is
that there are physicians for the body and
physicians for the soul, although
the two cannot be separated.


Rev J F Hudson

What kind of disease does Jehovah Rapha heal? What does “RAPHA” encompass?

The Names of God

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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6 Responses to >God Heals and the doctor takes the fee ~~~

  1. Twin-Daddy says:

    >While your lord is talking to you, sure would be nice if he would tell you something really useful.. Like where the next rape victim is, or where the missing child is.. At least something not centered on yourself..

  2. >But My Lord is centred on me – myself. It is me he is calling to salvation. My Lord is not some mystical magical crystal ball gazing guru….. the gift of free will can be used for good or evil. These terrible crimes you speak about are not of His causing dear friend….. You look for someone to blame… we are to blame when we turn away from his love. The evil in the world is not of His doing. May you find His love soon.

  3. >I trulty believe He cries out for the whole of creation, but you cannot give a gift then take it back, what kind of a gift would that be dear friend? Until evil is over come – and there is only one way that will happen according to the Word of God, evil will continue, and in these end times will exacerbate. I am not overtly selfish in accepting His intimacy with me… He offers that intimacy to us all. You can have it as well. It is we who are 'doing' the neglecting, we have become dumbed down and accepting of abortion, of euthanasia, of recreational drugs of sexual pervesion on TV and in the other media….. you cannot blame our Creator God for that.Peace be yours.

  4. >I am so pleased that you have come back with more questions – and statements. Thanks for keeping the dialogue going.May I ask you a question? you may of course choose to not answer.Are you denying the fact there is a Creator God whilst at the same time accepting there is a force for evil in this world?Hope to hear back from you when time allows.

  5. Twin-Daddy says:

    >Certainly, I don't believe there is a benevolent God, nor do I believe there is a "force" of evil. I believe some people behave in an evil way. Most people do not, most people like peace and just want to live their lives causing and experiencing as little pain as possible. But there is no good evidence for a "force" of evil as a non-human entity.

  6. >Thanks for the clarification.I wondered if your position was of atheist or agnostic.You know that for me Jesus is the ONLY way….. but I am enjoying our conversations.

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