>The Fork in The Road – Choose Wisely (Part One) God – Enemy #1


GOD – Enemy #1
Everyday life can be dull and boring or it can be challenging, it maybe even exciting at times too. Those over the age of (let’s say mature) fifty years, who may or may not have married, had children, a career – or even several career’s, would have seen many things change quite dramatically during their life time.

Governments have come and gone – elections have taken place, so have coups and wars. Those in power, those who make decisions, those who profess certain ideologies etc are no longer with us for one reason or another. New people become the regular faces seen on TV and in cinemas, magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. Their opinions help form our own,and its ‘out with the old – in with the new’……..
Fifty years ago were you or your parents learning about climate change? Perhaps whilst sitting down for the evening meal with the family, the topic under discussion was ‘sustainable development’? Oh silly me, of course if you had described yourself as a ‘greenie’ back then people might have thought you had come from Mars!

Much has happened since then to change our world viewpoint – of who we are, relative to the rest of humanity, some would even say relative to the entire cosmos!

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  1. >Thank you for the comment on my post The Earth Charter…I can answer the question you posed by giving you my closing paragraph to a letter I sent both Maurice Strong and Robert Muller:"You speak of love, yet accord to no other love. Love is freedom of choice, it has no coercion at it's back, nor does it make any demand.Gaia Earth paganism is centuries old philosophy, and who knows, you may be right. If you are, this is not something you will be able to ponder after death as the plant that once nourished you yesterday, is in turn nourished BY you tomorrow. There you will eternally rot. God or Mother Earth? Once we die, we will know the answer. What if you are wrong?"

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