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To the core of my knowledge there has only ever been ONE living manifestation of God, and He died in Jerusalem in 33AD. He also rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, where He will remain until the appointed time of His second coming. (Mk 13:32-33) He suffered and died for our transgressions and opened ‘the veil’ so we may once again be with our Creator God, our loving “Trinitarian Family” in eternity.

Is “knowing” love so very difficult? Is “accepting” love impossible? God is love! Yet people keep looking elsewhere.

In this modern age there has been an enormous resurgence of cults. Cults that worship everything from the sun above (the cult of Ra) to the ground we walk upon (Gaia worship), and everything in between. There is also a strong resurgence in occult practises.

Is there a difference between a cult and the occult? Technically yes.

Eckanar is another of the cults currently attracting our young people…… read the full story over at: Success and Failure Blog … it’s a must read… remember knowledge is power, and you can learn how to recognise a cult, and perhaps steer your young loved ones away from them.

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  1. Twin-Daddy says:

    >The difference between a cult and a religion? The one your a member of is never the cult, it's always the other guy…

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