>A Time To Die ~~~


The orchard’s gone and trees are bare
No more green house, the ground’s in disrepair
Grasses cover pathways long overgrown
‘Blackie’ has gone, no more will he roam
Broken windows with torn flapping blinds
Shingles missing, gutters that grind
Welcoming porch looks bitter, forlorn
Screen door banging, railings that mourn
And this the house that was my home
Childhood memories from where we roamed
Kitchen fragrances, washing done
Fresh bread rising slowly in the sun
Contagious laughter playing here
In love and safety with family near
Grandpa hoeing and raking the grass
Grandma baking and cleaning the brass
Aunts and uncles and friends all around
Such a happy time, our family abounds
Yet time moves on and we hardly notice at all
Till all at once it begins to fall
I remember it now and weep for it all
And vision the Christmas tree proud in the hall
For the love of a house in its heart it does lie
And like all living things has its own time to die.


I wrote this little poem whilst living in the USA (2002)
My Husband had driven over to where his Grandparents home
had been, where he had spent quite a lot of his
childhood growing up in Port Orchard WA.

He had many beautiful memories of the old place which he
wanted to share with me. Then he saw it – dilapidated,
falling down. Not the place of great beauty
which he remembered. It was a time of great
sadness for him and I truly felt his
pain that day.



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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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