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>I was recently sent a Power Point Presentation about electric cars and how they were trialed for a while, reclaimed after their lease expired and then destroyed by the manufacturers in the USA.

Dave Rauschkolb writing in the Walton Sun reminds us: Nearly a decade ago electric cars were coming out of GM in droves to satisfy a California mandate to have a certain percentage of electric cars on the road by a certain time. GM would not sell the electric cars; they would only lease them. People loved the cars and many were on the roads running smoothly, efficiently and economically. The oil industry and GM worked to change the law in California. GM recalled all the leases and the company destroyed nearly every car in a crusher.

The Power Point Presentation I was sent explains it thus:

In 1996, the first electric cars were produced, the EV1 (Electric Vehicle 1). These were made in the USA by General Motors and started to traverse the roads of California.

These were fast cars, reaching 0 to 65mph in less than 9 seconds!

They were silent!

They did not produce any type of pollution, they didn’t even have a tail pipe.

They could easily recharge at home from any 110v outlet, or at the mall; you even had preferred parking if you had one of these.

Ten years later these cars from the future disappeared.

How was this possible? Why did it happen?

In the first place you could not buy these cars, you could only lease them and when the lease was finished you did not have the option to buy them.

General Motors took back all the EV1s, in spite of the opposition of its users and later


In 1997, Nissan presented the electric model Hypermini in a Tokyo show.

The city of Pasadena (California USA ) purchased these vehicles for some of their city employees.

It was well accepted for its easy parking ability as well as adaptability around the city.

In the year 2006, the lease expired and the city of Pasadena needed to return the cars to Nissan.

The city tried to purchase the cars from Nissan, but Nissan refused the offer.

Nissan recovered all the cars to later… Destroy Them…

In 2003, Toyota decided to halt the production of the RAV4-EV. (EV – Eléctric Vehicle)

This electric 4×4 was a high quality vehicle and was well accepted by its users.

In 2005, all the lease contracts expired.

Toyota immediately recovered all the leased vehicles to later…

Destroy Them…

But then some US citizens got organized. They created the “DontCrush” association to try to save the RAV4 EV. This association pressured Toyota during a 3-month period.

Finally VICTORY! Toyota authorized those who had leased the RAV4-EV vehicles to buy them.

The Question begs asking:

Why are electric cars made and then destroyed?

They are clean for the environment

They are nice and quiet

Totally functional

No Carbon Emissions
Sure the battery needs to be improved, wanting to tavel further etc, but the technology is there.

Oops…. no gasoline is used, Oh Dear…….

Want to ponder on who might have been behind the destroying of these cars?

Do you want to breathe fresh air? Then do your part and share this information!
The lobbyists are not as almighty as they seem to be.

ASK THE QUESTIONS. Spread the word and make others aware of what has actually been happening. Fight to survive.

Just My few thoughts:

What ever happened to the car that runs on water?

Read Stan Meyer’s story and ask the questions again.

Just recently I enquired of the folks at The Orion Project what had become of their attempts to purchase the original documents belonging to Stan Meyer’s. They responded that although they had been told these were for sale, suddenly they are NO LONGER available. One has to wonder just who might have persuaded them not to sell? OR to whom these have already been sold to keep them out of the hands of organisations like The Orion Project?

One other thought….. electricity cost are sky rocketing world wide. We need cleaner less expensive forms of energy. Coal burning power stations need to be replaced. With what? Don’t place your hope on windmills!

What is needed are energy systems that are inexpensive, clean, and self contained, do not rely on fossil fuels and can be developed and maintained locally. You think I am dreaming I can feel that in my bones! Yet over the past (give or take ) hundred years or so, scientists, inventors and various curious people, have developed ideas and innovations, that would help us move totally away from our reliance on the presently accepted norms of oil, coal and gas – aka ‘fossil fuels’. Consider the work of Nikola Telsa and Stanley Meyer for starters!

Read the information at the blog: Define Sincerity, and again start asking questions of your government.

One of the leaders in hybrid technology believes hydrogen-fuelled vehicles are the best solution to our energy needs.

Electric vehicles will only ever provide a partial solution to the problem of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the car industry, a leading Honda engineer says.

References/sources used when preparing this blog include:

Walton Sun

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Orion Project

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Are Electric Cars too expensive?

Electric cars are not the answer

A special thanks to whom ever put together the PowerPoint Presentation I have partially used in this blog. Let me know who you are and I will be happy to share that information.



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