>If you can’t measure it – how can you fine us?


Just how many barrels of oil are gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon spill is a billion dollar question with implications that go beyond the environment. It could also help determine how much BP and others end up paying for the disaster.

The little-known, seldom applied clause in the Clean Water Act was added in 1990 after the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska, and was intended to beef up the arsenal of penalties the government can apply to oil spillers to deter future disasters.

“These civil penalties could be staggeringly high, possibly running into the billions,” said Professor David Uhlmann, director of the Environmental Law program at University of Michigan.

Total liability — including civil fines as well as the cost of clean-up, economic damages and potential criminal liability — “will run into the billions and may be in the tens of billions,” Uhlmann said.

Under the Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency can seek in federal court to fine any party whose negligence results in an oil spill in U.S. federal waters.

(BP is certainly going to be proven to be negligent – this is no accident)

Initially BP told us that about 5000 barrels per day were spewing into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. This figure has been disputed by many, now finally it has been proven to be a blatant and deliberate lie.

Consider the facts that since BP have been able to partially cap the gusher and retrieve ‘some of the oil’ – more than 5000 barrels per day have been collected!

Company officials said Wednesday that an untested collection method that would supplement current efforts could draw 10,000 more barrels of oil a day to the surface, in addition to the 15,000 barrels a day it’s capturing now.

Of course this ‘tally’ does not include the oil that is still being spewed into the surrounding waters, to be dispersed with VILE and NOXIOUS toxic chemical dispersants. Remember those undersea PLUMES…… all thanks to BP and their use of COREXIT.

As I understand it, for every barrel of oil spewed out – lost – poured out in a disaster, a fine will be imposed. It would seem that this knowledge has been behind the reason BP initially downplayed the estimate of oil at 5000 barrels per day. Now that a tally can be kept of what is being piped aboard the other rig and boats that will store, for processing, this oil, a better estimate of the fines accruing can be made.

This will not of course include all the millions of barrels of oil BP has dispersed – via the use of toxic chemicals – into the waters of the gulf, and possibly worldwide!

I mean if you can’t see it, you can’t count it – so therefore it isn’t there coz YOU can’t prove it!

Why would anyone in their right mind use a lethal cocktail of chemicals to disperse an oil gusher? The oil when in its original state can be sucked up – processed – sold on etc! But to do that, an accounting would have to be made….. an accurate accounting of the amount of oil, and then – O M Gosha fine can be levied per barrel! Disperse it and who can accurately tell how much was in the water in the first place.

That sounds bad doesn’t it? I mean who would do a thing like that? Surely not BP!

But wait there is more:

In an article released today on Dr. Mercola’s website, a damning expose of the reality of this TOXIC Chemical and the implications for life on land and in the oceans has been made available for all to see and read.

There are two video’s from 60 Minutes to watch: What really happened to cause the devastating oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico? And what is BP doing to fix the problem?

For an answer to the first question, watch the 60 Minutes story. As for the answer to the second question, read Dr. Mercola’s special report on the devastating choices made by BP to “clean up” the mess — choices that could WORSEN the environmental impact of the spill, rather than improve it. See ****

This is something that needs to be viewed and read – far and wide, ESPECIALLY by those who are going to be in charge of seeing to it that Justice will be done! – Send this to the newspapers and your politicians and government officials….. ensure it is seen far and wide and acted upon please.

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EPA reveals toxic Corexit ingredients

**** Cover-up that is far more deadly than the BP oil spill.


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  1. >Just found your blog through a comment you left at Brownbelle's. Your environmental stories and coverage in past posts are excellent. I've been doing these too, almost back to back since 5/19.Anyway, come visit my blog when you get time.

  2. Demeur says:

    >Thanks for stopping by my blog.I've been doing hazmat work for over 20 years now and I must say that the way this is being done goes against everything I've been trained to do.As for the Corexit I find it interesting that it's been banned in the UK for being too toxic.

  3. >Thanks for leaving the link at Maggie's Notebook. I will link the article in the post. I have houseguests over the next few days, but if possible I'll put up a post leading here.Corexit isn't banned here because very influential people are owners: Al Gore, Warren Buffet, Goldman Sachs, George Soros.

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