>Is this Death to the Gulf State Shores?


Reports are arriving that globules of oil have been deposited with the tide on the Florida Panhandle’s white sands (Friday).

This now makes four Gulf States that are under attack from uncontrolled spewing oil the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

The oil, which has ben treated with chemical dispersants, is turning the marshlands into death zones for wildlife and staining its beaches rust and crimson in an affliction that some said brought to mind the plagues and punishments of the Bible.

“In Revelations it says the water will turn to blood,” said P.J. Hahn, director of coastal zone management for Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish. “That’s what it looks like out here — like the Gulf is bleeding. This is going to choke the life out of everything.”

Current media reports are praising BP’s latest effort to stem the flow of oil and gas from the gusher deep a mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico – and as of this writing, it seems there may be a minute amount of success at getting a small amount of oil to the surface where it can be pumped to a waiting ship (Discoverer Enterprise) for processing.

Even Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen caution us not to be too overly optimistic – these are early days I guess, and just as other attempts to stem or contain this mammoth gusher have failed – this too could fail.

There is no certainty in anything being attempted, as this entire incident is the first, (one can only pray it will be the last!) of its type in the world.

Is it any wonder that there is speculation that BP has no intentions of stopping this spewing mass of oil and gas? If they did manage to stop it, that would be the end of their money making and profits from that particular well.

There is also much speculation (following the almighty money trail) that Nalco, the company manufacturing COREXIT – the dispersant being sprayed more than liberally on the oil spill, has financial ties to BP. I think it is worth reading the ‘trail’ and seeing just who might be benefitting here. Link is below.

So is this latest attempt going to work?

According to online reports, BP’s latest attempt to cap a well gushing oil 5,000 feet under the surface of the ocean, is not producing the results that BP had hoped.

BP had hoped the cap would contain 90% of the oil. But the cap that was placed over jagged remnants of a pipe at the wellhead yesterday is only expected to funnel 1,000 barrels of oil a day to a ship on the surface. The government estimates that 19,000 barrels of oil per day continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil is still escaping around the cap due to a poor fit of a rubber seal at the bottom of the cap.

BP can’t give us any surety that this is going to work, their last hope seems to be the two relief wells they will drill to hope to intersect with this gusher, and finally close it down. Of course they are not even contemplating this will happen until at least August, by which time those oil slicks could be well into the ocean currents, sweeping them up the east coast of the USA and into the Atlantic coast and then the open ocean as early as this summer, according to a detailed computer modelling study released today by the National Centre for Atmospheric Research.

How much land and ocean will be devastated? How many water / sea animals murdered? How many humans will become ill from the toxic spill and the toxic fumes? How many workers in the ‘cleanup’ crews will become ill? Has anyone estimated the financial loss to the fishing industry? Or the loss of income to the tourist industry? The similar loss to the food industry? The loss of jobs for the workers who are employed by the oil companies… they are not working currently, but surely they could be employed on the cleanup crews, whilst waiting results?

And still BP ATTEMPTS !

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2 Responses to >Is this Death to the Gulf State Shores?

  1. PI-Bill says:

    >The earth has been created to be amazingly resilient with a built in ability to overcome many clalmities. It has survived massive oil spills in the past and will continue to do so. Amidst predicted calamity by those who seem to need impending disaster, the earth is still quite healthy.

  2. >I agree with you Bill that the Earth is and has always seemed resilliant. Question is how much longer can this raping and pillaging continue without dire consequesnes? Yes there have been other massive oil spills and plenty of natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic erruptions to contend with….. have they all happened at the same time tho? And is there scientific indications that say, weather changed, lives were lost? extinctions occurred?This current devastation certainly leaves one open to looking at the what ifs….. and the perhaps'….. and does not condone what has happened as purely accidental, and 'may happen again'…. just get on with it!BE PREPARED is a good motto….. better still Don't let it ever happen again!

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