>It’s OK for men to cry – a note to President Obama


Were you taught whilst growing up that Real Men Don’t Cry Mr. Obama? Well let me tell you now – that is a fallacy! Genuine Emotions are what those suffering on the Gulf Coast need right now, and will give them a sense of your love for them.

I believe they are sick and tired of the same old lines. “We’re making good progress” just does not cut it any longer.

Sure they want open, honest, and above board daily notification of progress being made – that’s if there is any real progress. Sure they want to know of setbacks too.  They also need financial aid to see them through this mega-disaster. But most of all they want to be assured that their President understands what this disaster really means to Joe Blow and his family, Aunty Kath and Uncle Dick too.

If you can learn to be President, learn to read a teleprompter, learn to dialogue with other foreign nationals in crisis sessions – then surely you can learn to show your emotions?

What do you do when your daughters fall over and hurt themselves? What would you feel like if one of them was hurt deeply? How would you respond if your Darling wife (heaven forbid) was hurt in an accident or if one of your most treasured friends was to be diagnosed with a life threatening disease? TEARS and emotions have their appropriate place Mr. President.

For you to walk along an almost pristine beach, after the cleanup crews have just departed, have a photo opportunity, then take off again, without stopping to talk with those who are most affected – just does not cut it Sir.

They are bleeding emotionally, financially and in fear of the health risks caused by this devastation. They do not know if there will be a tomorrow for them, in their beloved Gulf State!

They hear rumors about their Governor demanding off shore drilling being reinstated immediately.

BP, Louisian Gov. Bobby Jindal is now insisting that Obama withdraw the six-month moratorium on Gulf oil drilling . Joined by disgraced Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), Jindal is accusing Obama of placing the region in more peril, by taking away thousands of jobs. But! many of the oil wells Jindal is demanding to be reopened, are operated by BP.

Stories such as this in the media act like a double edge sword me thinks

Claiming that the region is in peril from the loss of jobs is an understatement. However nowhere in this article does it state the Governor is concerned about the health and wellbeing of Joe Blow and his relatives…. just about the States financial burden! He too seems incapable of reaching out to his fellow citizens in mercy and showing empathy.

On the CNN’s Larry King Interview President Obama is reported to have said: he was “furious” about the situation but that his job is to solve the problem, not yell at people.”

Mr President we would fully understand if you yelled at someone – particularly those responsible for this entire sticky – icky – gooey – toxic – health threatening – life threatening ecological disaster.

But also Mr. President we would like to see you in empathy with your fellow Americans who are suffering right now. And Mr. President, if that also involved a human show of emotions, such as tears of pain and sadness, it too would be most acceptable and fully understood by the Nation of America, particularly Joe Blow and his family living and dying in the Gulf States right now.

“It’s not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the doer of deeds might have done them better. Instead, the credit belongs to the man in the arena whose face is marred by sweat and blood and tears.”
Theodore Roosevelt


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