>The Mighty Freeze – coming our way?

>Time and time again we have been terrorized with the Global Warming Mantra of Al Gore and his cronies.

So often have we heard its plaintiff cry that our little kiddies even parrot the stories… which they are learning about at their schools.

And still there is doubt! And still there is no definite proof! And still there is dissent in the scientific community, with hundreds of highly credentialed scientists signing petitions against the theory of Man Made Global Warming (AGW). The story that was spread about, claiming there was scientific consensus was a load of bunkum!

Apart from individual scientists, only 32 international science academies have made a public statement on this (AGW) matter. Stand this number alongside the fact there are currently 192 United Nations member states, each of which is a member of the United Nations General Assembly, then we see that 159 nations, a vast majority, presumably don’t even rate the UN’s global warming issue serious enough to formally express a view.

None of the 32 concerned international academies even mentions the term ‘catastrophe’ in any of the descriptions of the likely future outcomes, despite the apocalyptic tone of the discredited IPCC. It is thus reasonable to infer that it is the UN’s politicised IPCC that is the root source of the alarmist claims of impending climate ‘catastrophe’ rather than climate scientists.

Pointedly, world-renowned climatologist and key IPCC author, Professor Phil Jones of the UK’s Climatic Research Unit, in an interview with the BBC in February 2010, admitted there had been no significant global warming for 15 years. In fact, climate scientists are coming round to the theory of the sun being the key driver of climate. Thus, it seems hardly surprising to find that when we look close enough, the claim of a consensus among climate experts for ‘significant’ man-made global warming melts away just as completely as the ‘catastrophic’ kind.

Better get those thermal undies out

Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor of Geology at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. Has a very different point of view.

“You thought last winter was bad? Wait until this winter,”

“Expect global cooling for the next 2-3 decades that will be far more damaging than global warming would have been,” says Easterbrook. “Twice as many people are killed by extreme cold than by extreme heat.”

And forget human influence, says Easterbrook. Cooling and warming are both natural.

Natural global warming much more intense than modern warming has occurred many times in the geologic past without CO2 change, says Easterbrook. And it can happen fast. Fifteen thousand years ago, temperatures rose 10 to 20 degrees in just one century.

“About 12,800 years ago we dropped into the Younger Dryas,” says Easterbrook. “When we came out of the Younger Dryas, temperatures rose 15 degrees in just 40 years.”

“Then, from about 10,000 years ago to 3,000 years ago, temperatures were warmer than now.” (So much for today’s so-called “unprecedented” warming.)

Global cooling is far more harmful to humans than global warming, warns Easterbrook.

Here are some of the impacts of global cooling that Easterbrook perceives:

1. Twice as many people are killed by extreme cold than by extreme heat.

2. Decrease in global food production—hardest hit will be third-world
countries where millions are now near starvation levels.

3. Increase in per capita energy demands.

4. Decreased ability to cope with the population explosion
(>50% increase in next 40 years).

Professor Easterbrook also stated:

• “Climate changes in the geologic record show a regular pattern of alternate
warming and cooling with a 25-30 year period for the past 500 years.”

• “There is a strong correlation between solar changes, the PDO, glacier
advance and retreat, and global climate allow us to project a consistent
pattern into the future.”

• “Expect global cooling for the next 2-3 decades that will be far more
damaging than global warming would have been.”

The geniuses over at Australian Climate madness agree with the esteemed professor:

Rather than pointless efforts to stop the almost non-existent problem of CO2 caused warming, we should probably be preparing for the opposite, since many scientists are pointing towards a future sharp decline in global temperature caused by the unfortunate coincidence of three factors:

• the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) flipping into its cold phase;

• very low solar activity; and

• volcanic eruptions in the pipeline (Eyjafjallajokull’s very, very big brother, Katla, may be on the verge of a big eruption if history is to be believed)

As Roy Spencer argues in his book, The Great Global Warming Blunder, the PDO may have significant effects on cloud cover, which may in themselves be sufficient to explain virtually all of the late 20th century warming, without any discernible effect from anthropogenic CO2. Add this to the fact that the sun is in the deepest slumber since the Dalton Minimum, and Icelandic volcanoes are kicking off and you have a recipe for significant global cooling.

All conjecture of course, but probably far more likely than the dire predictions of the IPCC’s incomplete and flawed climate models. So time to get your thermals out…


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