>Where the Truth Lies ~~~~~

> Oh My Goodness – an honest politician?

I always thought the term ‘honest politician’ was an oxymoron – but now there is proof otherwise.

On Australian National Television last night Opposition Leader Tony Abbott – who demonstrates strong Christian principles, admitted that in ‘unscripted’ interviews he has told non truths.

The Opposition Leader was asked on the ABC’s 7.30 Report last night about his promise this year not to propose any new taxes, which he reneged on a month later by announcing a levy to fund paid parental leave.

Mr. Abbott said his scripted remarks could be taken as “gospel truth” but, “in the heat of discussion you go a little bit further”.

To a man of strong Christian Faith – the term ‘gospel truth’ implies honesty, integrity and above all truth. For him to openly admit on National Television that he sometimes fabricates things (in the heat of the moment) – or does not always give 100% factual and honest information, except when he is reading from a script just proves his humanity and his integrity.

I have often been heard to ask ‘show me an honest politician please’ …. Implying non exist! Tony Abbott has shown me how wrong a person can be. He has also shown to the Australian people, that no matter how much angst and bad mouthing being thrown at him by Kevin Rudd and the Australian Labour Party – he can hold his head up high, because he has told the truth.

In forthcoming elections- especially now and during the campaigning that will take place, we are going to be surrounded and overwhelmed with promise after promise of ‘things’ that will be made available to us. Promises will be made of changes that will be come for the benefit of the Australian people as a Nation.

If a politician can appear on National Television, and openly admit that he/she is not perfect, that they are truly human and err at times, then I would feel more secure in placing my vote with them, rather than any pumped up – perfectionist, who denies telling fibs, and mocks another who admits to being human fallible and tells the truth. The Rudd Government has broken its fair share of promises.

Let he who is without sin – cast the first stone.
Judge not, lest you also be judged



(1) Without sin?

(2) Judge not


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4 Responses to >Where the Truth Lies ~~~~~

  1. >I also believe that it's a good trait for politicians to be able to admit being wrong but that's not what Tony did. He got caught out and his excuse was that is was in heated debate. If his words in heated debates are not to be trusted maybe he shouldn't have heated debates. Justifying one politicians lies with another politicians lies is a weak line of argument.

  2. TonyDC says:

    >You have to be kidding right? Praise Tony for telling the truth and that truth being that he lies. He got caught with his pants down on national TV is what happened and had to make up a story quick smart. Ask yourself this question, would he have been so honnest if nobody had noticed?

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I've read you before, amongst the comments of other rabid right wing doublethinkers. bye

  4. Anonymous says:

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