>Methuselah on Statins

>Would that be considered statistical contortionism?

Methuselah is reported to have lived to the ripe old age of 969 years, and died possibly in the year of the Biblical Flood. A little internet research tells us: He was a Biblical Patriarch who lived to a ripe old age. The son of Enoch, he is mentioned in the Biblical Book of Genesis as a descendant of Seth, the son of Adam and Eve begotten after Cain. He is remembered as the world’s oldest human being. He was the father of Lamech and grandfather of Noah; his later descendants included Abraham, Jacob, and David.

So all in all he is seen as a remarkable figure in Biblical History due to his fantastic number of living years, and his ancestral relationship to Jesus Christ. But why would a person want to write about a long living Biblical Patriarch on a health blog?

At the time of writing this (May 2010) the oldest validated living person is Eugénie Blanchard living in France (born 16 February 1896). There is a list of those who have acquired grand longevity on Wiki. This information gives names, dates of birth, dates of death to those who have passed away, and some small information about their lives and histories.

Nowhere does it tell you what illnesses they may have or what drugs/medications they are taking to prolong their lives. Yet daily we read in the media about so called wonder drugs which will (a) help you to remain healthy, and (b) prolong your life, by preventing heart attacks and strokes – to name but a few medical issues you may be susceptible to as you age.

These so called wonder drugs are known by the collective name STATINS, and they are prescribed to lower your cholesterol to a level, the government considers ‘healthy’. Recently there has been a push in scientific circles to place both the rather young and the ‘getting older’ populations on these drugs, ostensibly to protect them from the ravages supposedly caused by having high cholesterol. There has been much discussion and dissention regarding this issue.

In this blog the focus will be specifically aimed at the Older Population, those who have been acknowledged as being ‘seniors’, and who it is said, could benefit from being prescribed these so called ‘wonder drugs’ by their doctor’s.

January 8, 2008 — In elderly patients with documented coronary heart disease (CHD), statins reduce all-cause mortality, as well as CHD mortality, nonfatal myocardial infarction, the need for revascularization, and stroke, a new review has shown [1]. Investigators say that the magnitude of benefit, with statins reducing all-cause mortality 22%, is larger than previously estimated.
(1) Afilalo J, Duque G, Steele R, et al. Statins for secondary prevention in elderly patients. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008;51:37-45.

This fantastic piece of news would have grabbed the attention of the Medical Establishment world wide, and helped to increase the number of these drugs being prescribed, without a doubt, to elderly patients.

Goodness, a 22% reduction* in all-cause mortality is not something to be sneezed at is it? Yet there are many credible medical professionals who dispute the use of these drugs for the treatment and prevention of heart disease for young, middle or aged populations, because, according to them the benefits are NOT great, the side effects ARE (great) and particularly in the elderly, cholesterol should not be lowered at all. Heaven only knows what damage we would be doing to our children should we allow them to be placed on these drugs.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, author of The Great Cholesterol Con has this to say regarding Statins:

“Statins do not treat/cure death, they only delay it,” “In short, if a fifty year old man asked you how much longer he could expect to live if he took a statin for thirty years you can inform him “just over two weeks — max.”

This whole scenario once again has to do with the difference between relative versus absolute risk – or in other words, statistical contortionism by the pharmaceutical giants who want you to take their drugs!

The rationale for treating elderly people with statins, however, is even “less clear because the association between plasma cholesterol and risk of coronary artery disease diminishes with increasing age,” said Dr. James Shepherd, M.D. and colleagues at the University of Glasgow, Royal Infirmary, Scotland. In fact, they said, “in the oldest old people, low plasma cholesterol is associated with increased mortality.” This has been recognized in the medical literature, they said, (examples here, here and here) for some two decades, while not widely known among the public.

You have just got to cringe when you read articles stating that Statin benefits outweigh their risks. Tell that to someone who is crippled with pain, has memory loss, nerve and muscle damage, and cannot function even at a base level – all because these so called ‘safe’ drugs have permanently disabled them. These drugs damage your entire system and one of the ways they do this is by depleting your body of the essential enzyme CoQ10. Then remember those who have written extensively on the NON NEED to take these drugs. Read up on your cholesterol skeptics and learn as much as you can.

Ask your doctor to show you the pages where it shows the actual number of persons needed to treat to save just one life. How many subjects took these drugs in trails and lived longer, by how many years? He/she maybe able to give you the pharmaceutical company’s spiel – sales pitch and bamboozle you with percentage figures, but can they show you actual numbers?

Discuss the risks involved, relative versus absolute, and see how much your doctor really knows, and then remember Methuselah – I seriously doubt he took statins!

You won’t get information on the dangers of Statin drugs from your doctor or your pharmacist. They are government employees! They give you the information put out by the pharmaceutical companies, and which has been approved of by your government.

If you want facts about side effects, you need to talk with and read about what other’s, who have been prescribed these medications, have experienced. In other words you need to do your own research.

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