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If a person can postulate how to sue Iceland, for polluting the planet’s atmosphere and contributing to climate change………. Oh dear, then that would mean it was not man made climate change, because volcanoes are works of nature and not man made.

Forget that idea because the scientists who are pushing for AGW would not like it very much! Better work on the other thought and create a more realistic rumour I suppose such as:

Bonki Moon has been seen conversing with Real Estate Agents in Reykjavik. It is rumoured that Bonki is looking for a better economic environment in which to settle the United Nations Headquarters. He’s got to get it out of NY – it is too dangerous there!

It is going to be resettled on an Island State: Iceland? Haiti? or if push comes to shove, maybe even Greece would be appropriate for them.

The prerequisites for the resettlement program include but are not limited to – Monetary Incentives – economic improvements are of course, a priority.

Since the United States and other large countries, are reluctant to make donations to the UN, Bonki figured they would get a much better exchange rate in one of the Island nations mentioned. The labour market on these islands is relatively inexpensive, so that building a brand new UN Headquarters facility would be a welcome boon to their economy.

As the New Headquarters of the UN will be home to the world stable governing body, know as the NWO, it will be built of the finest, most modern building materials, be earthquake proof, volcano proof, and contain the most technologically advanced accoutrements such as geothermal heating.

After all, if one is going to rule the world, mandate universal vaccination schemes, implement global taxation, force Codex regulations on every continent and manage the world’s Carbon Taxation, one must have en ediface truly
magnificient and suitable.

It must be situated at a dynamic weather and atmospheric observational point – for the benefit of the IPCC too, allowing for the non science of climate change to be continued.

If this fails, the UN is ready to implement ‘plan B’ and withdraw to Cuba, where the taxi cabs are vintage vehicles, maintained in the finest tradition of bailing wire and duct tape, and Castro himself is rumoured to be waiting for them all with open arms.

One can only hope! Bon Voyage Bonki Boy and crew.

Fools are my theme, let satire be my song
Lord Byron


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