What if your children were asked to participate in an interactive game called “Crisis Point”.

They are told to imagine that they were an member of the European Parliament (MEP) or a European Commissioner faced with a deadly new disease, Xtreme Drug Resistant TB, which had sent Europe into meltdown.

Then they were told they had just a day to choose from a range of strategies to save their fellow citizens from disaster. Kids love this kind of game, so they happily play along. But what are the results?

If national governments were allowed to take unilateral action, the screen showed that millions would die.

But if the EU was allowed to assume control, it would be possible to reduce the number of deaths to only a few dozen.

This is basic indoctrination at a Childs level, whereby they are taught to believe that their own society, governments, sovereign states / countries cannot save them, only the United Nations is able to save them.

Just a kids game? Think again. The European Parliament shelled out 70,000 euros on a propaganda exercise at Olympia, designed to turn children into “active EU citizens”.

This has been dubbed “the beneficial crisis”, whereby the EU has repeatedly used some panic over health, energy, finance or terrorism to justify seizing more power from national governments.

A glaring instance was the Belgian dioxins panic of 1999, which gave Brussels the excuse to take over from member states all power to regulate on food safety. No sooner had it done so than the hysteria over dioxins in Belgian chickens, which led to losses of £1 billion, was found to have been completely baseless. But once again, the EU had succeeded in the one thing it is really good at – sucking ever more power to the centre, in order then, corruptly and very inefficiently, to misuse it.

But the European Union is not the United Nations I hear you say………..

Think again.

“The commitment to effective multilateralism, with the United Nations (UN) at its core, is a central element of the EU’s external policy. “

Are we so easilly duped? lead astray? accepting of misinformation?

What other things have we been indoctrinated / duped about in recent years?

A small selection in no particular order:

Swine Flu Vaccine

Anthropogenic climate change

Y2K – Millennium Bug

Biodiversity Scaremongering by the UN

Human Avian Flu Pandemic

Sunshine danger scaremongering

soy is good for you

Mammography Scaremongering

MONSANTO and GM crops

Dangers of Statin Drugs

Dangers of High Cholesterol

You’d think that by now we would be wise to their tricks. That old saying about follow the dollar is usually reliable. Find me a school child who does not ‘parrot’ the Earth is warming scam! Find me an average person on the street who does not believe SOY is good for you!

I guess as a closing comment I would just like to say TRUST NOBODY till you have ascertained where their self interest lies. I know that makes me a true skeptic, but sadly it is what I have come to recognize as a reality. Governments, politicians, bureaucrat et all, all have an axe to grind.

When Big Business, and various lobby groups make large donations to political parties at or around election time, do you thing they are doing it simply out of the generosity of the hearts?

When fear mongering emanates from places such as the United Nations, WHO, the European Parliament even your own Political Parties/ elected representatives etc, ask yourself what is in it for them? You will usually find the mighty dollar lurking in the background somewhere.



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