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> Bio Fuel Use Increases CO2 Emissions – shock horror!

The Oil Drum reports that bio-fuel use increases CO2 emission.

“It is estimated that production of one ton of palm oil will result in an average emission of 20 tons of CO2 from peat decomposition alone – not taking into account the emissions from fire and other CO2 emissions during the production cycle. The Netherlands alone imported at least 400,000 tons of palm oil to meet its Kyoto target for 2005, thus actually increasing [its] greenhouse gas emissions.”

But I thought bio-fuel was carbon neutral.

“[In Indonesia] 600 million tons [of CO2 emission] is caused by decomposition of dry peat (a process that will continue until all peat has disappeared) and 1400 million tons is lost through the annual fires.

The country emits more than India, more than Russia, and several times more than the UK or Germany. It emits more than all the efforts of western countries to reduce greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol.”

So we’ll be emitting a bit less CO2, and Indonesia will increase its output astronomically, and destroy its environment.

“In 2001 Malaysia’s production of 7 million tons of crude palm oil generated 9.9 million tons of solid oil wastes, palm fiber, and shells, and 10 million tons of palm oil mill effluent, a polluted mix of crushed shells, water, and fat residues that has been shown to have a negative impact on aquatic ecosystems.”

So a factory tree plantation is in itself a pollutant?

By promoting bio-fuel, the AGW promoters are actually increasing CO2 pollution, and if the EC and Indonesia classify oil palm plantations as ‘forest’ as proposed, our governments will be financing the destruction of rainforest and an increase in CO2 emission – and the end of the Orang Utan.

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