>Troublemakers – Lectins (4)


The Lectin Story
by: Krispin Sullivan

The Author of the following website has asked people NOT to copy her work, but to refer interested people back to her site where they can read her papers for themselves.I am doing that right now: I highly recommend Krispin Sullivan’s work to you. It is full of very useful information which will be beneficial to your health. She asks that weshare the link with our friends.


Krispin Sullivan, CN 03/19/10
While research in lectinology is in its infancy this information is critical to your health and it is important to begin to understand lectins NOW. Read the following report carefully. I’ll get specific about how this all applies to you. ALL foods contain lectins. Some are your friends, others neutral, and others may be your enemies. Know your lectins. Avoid your enemies.

Lectins in plain English, do lectins cause disease?

What makes someone lectin intolerant?

What do lectins have to do with me?

How can I tell if I am lectin intolerant?


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