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I was reading a post today about how climate change regulations would affect transportation in Australia (see reference below).

The article contains a well structured list of Climate Change events. But just for one moment, think on this:

When AGW alarmists are spending so much time, effort and money trying to convince the nations that we are all going to fry ourselves, unless we start reducing our carbon emissions immediately – IF NOT sooner – and begin taxing each other to kingdom come, via a ‘bounty’ to be paid to the UN …….. All the while of course, there is strong evidence that the planet (according to this list) is freezing its toes off…… what or who I ask you, is a person to believe?

The entire article is a fantastic read, and my thanks go to Author Shawn Beilfuss, who points out the many shortcomings of the Governmental System in Australia – with particular reference to AGW and the transportation industry.

As the article says:
It is hard to force anthropogenic global warming (AGW) policies on society if it is obvious to everyone that our climate is cooling. Thus, by using the terms “climate change,” governments can enact their expensive and poorly justified policies regardless of what is happening in our climate. Cooling news:

Brrrr… Antarctica Records Record High Ice Cap Growth
Brrrr… South America Has Coldest Winter in a 90 Years
Brrrr… Iraqis See First Snow in 100 Years As Sign of Peace
Brrrr… Worst Snowstorms in a Decade in China Cause Rioting
Brrrr… Jerusalem Grinds to a Halt As Rare Snowstorm Blasts City
Brrrr… Worst Snowstorms in 50 Years Continue to Cripple China
Brrrr… China Suffers Coldest Winter in 100 Years
Brrrr… Pakistan Suffers Lowest Temps in 70 Years– 260 Dead
Brrrr… Record Cold Hits Central Asia– 654 Dead in Afghanistan
Brrrr… Severe Weather Kills Dozens in Kashmir
Brrrr… Tajikistan Crisis!! Coldest Winter in 25 Years!
Brrrr… Record Cold Wave Blasts Mumbai, India
Brrrr… Snow and Ice in San Diego?
Brrrr… Wisconsin Snowfall Record Shattered
Brrrr… The Disappearing Arctic Ice Is Back And It’s Thick
Brrrr… Turkey’s snowiest winter continues.
Brrrr… Record Cold & Snow Blankets Acropolis in Greece (Video)
Brrrr… Longest Ever Cold Spell Kills Cattle & Rice in Vietnam
Brrrr… Most Snow Cover Over North America Since 1966
Brrrr… Australia Suffers Through Coldest Summer in 50 Years
Brrrr… Record Snowfall Slams Ohio River Valley
Brrrr… New Data Gives Global Warming the Cold Shoulder
Brrrr… Global Cooling Causes Armed Clashes in Canada
Brrrr… Snake Oil Salesman Admits to Ca$hing In on Global Warming Hysteria Brrrr… New Research Claims Earth Sliding Into an Ice Age
Brrrr… Blizzard Blasts South Dakota– 4 Feet of Snow Reported
Brrrr… An Inconvenient Debate- Czech Pres. Challenges Gore
Brrrr… Record Snow Blankets Spokane, Washington In June!
Brrrr… Peru Declares Emergency– Cold Kills 61 Children & 5,000 Alpacas
Brrrr… Arctic Sea Ice Levels Are Up By 1,000,000 Square Kilometers
Brrrr… Denver Breaks 118 Year-Old Cold Record– Arctic Ice Refuses to Melt
Brrrr… NASA Reports Bogus Global Warming Numbers- Again
Brrr… Goracle: Mayan Civilization Collapsed Because of Climate Change, Too
Brrr… Global Warming Predictions Overestimated– Its a Hoax
Brrrr… It’s Snowing in the Desert But Gore Warns the North Pole Is Melting
Brrrr… CNN Meteorologist Says GW Theory ‘Arrogant’ (Video)
Brrrr… Ice Comes Early to Lake Superior For First Time in 17 Years
Brrrr… Sea Ice Ends Year At Same Level As 1979
Brrrr… Goofy Hillary Says “Global Warming May Incite New Wars”
Brrrr… “Shivering” Al Gore Gets Put on Ice
Brrrr… Snow Falls in UAE For 2nd Time In Recorded History

Even more worrying, politicians like those in Australia and many scientists are now so deeply invested emotionally and financially in AGW theory that they have thrown out any adherence to the basic tenets of the scientific method:

1. Define the question
2. Gather information and resources (observe)
3. Form hypothesis
4. Perform experiment and collect data
5. Analyze data
6. Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis
7. Publish results
8. Retest (frequently done by other scientists)

These politicians and scientists, and even individual supporters in the public domain, have essentially stopped thinking beyond #7 above, and still to this day, attack anyone who dares to repeatedly cycle through the process and raise questions in step #8. This is a common behavior in people who have let significant emotional and/or financial investment decouple themselves from rational and introspective questioning. Attack and dismiss the non-believers, the “deniers.”

Transportation in Australia – Climate Change regulations


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