>Bah Humbug!

>Once upon a time, in a country not so far away, a Pharmaceutical Giant had slaves, working long hours in the giant’s laboratory, trying to discover a ‘so called miracle cure’ for lowering cholesterol.

The Giant was convinced that high cholesterol was the underlying cause of heart disease.

The Slave worked long and hard at his master’s orders, and finally found something that might be the cure, and at the same time, it would make lots of money for the Pharmaceutical Giant and his Shareholders.

He was working on a fungus called Monascus purpurus. (Red yeast rice) In a natural response to the threat of a predator, red yeast produces the drug known as lovastatin (as well as other chemicals).

Utilizing fundamental laboratory research, the discovery and isolation of lovastatin from red yeast rice was paid for by the U.S. government in the 1970s. This secured a monopoly of knowledge, allowing for the censorship of the truth behind the wildly popular cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The Pharmaceutical Giant, as was absolutely necessary, ran some tests on this new ‘cure’, and finally named his discovery a Statin Drug – because lovastatin was the drug which they has isolated.

Commercially, lovastatin is known as Mevacor. It was the first statin drug, released in 1987 by the U.S. government-influenced company named Merck. Using a technique known as combinatorial chemistry, other drug companies have since unleashed their own versions. These versions include Zocor, Lipitor, Pravachol and Crestor.

As a toxic agent, the consumption of lovastatin via red yeast rice by its predators leads to sickness and in some cases, death. This is true for humans as well. Lovastatin’s (and all other statin drugs) toxicity is attributed to its ability to block cholesterol and CoQ10 production.

For many years patients who have complained of aches and pains and horrible other symptoms, after commencing a cholesterol lowering Statin Drug, have been ‘brushed off’ by their doctors as hypochondriacs!

They have been told (as I was myself) that Statin Drugs side effects are very rare, and certainly did not consist of any of the symptoms I was complaining about. Of course once or twice a blood test was taken to ensure my liver enzymes were not raised – which would have been an indication of serious problems, possibly brought on by taking Statin medications.

My liver enzymes were never raised, therefore according to my doctor, there was nothing wrong with me, other than perhaps I was aging and not dealing with it! (I was 46 years old at this time) I was told to keep taking the drug, and take some prescription pain killers to deal with my other symptoms.

The GIANT keeps secrets!

At this point one must ask: has the Pharmaceutical Giant neglected to advise doctors that they knew their Statin Drugs depleted the body of an essential anti-oxidant compound known as CoQ10?

It occurs naturally in the body and it is found in the highest amounts in the mitochondria, the part of the cell where energy is created. CoQ10 levels are highest in the hardest working tissues of the body, especially in the heart. CoQ10 is an antioxidant and, as such, it protects the cells from the damage caused by the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are produced during the normal process of producing energy, however, as we get older, the body starts producing too many of these free radicals. This can be damaging for people whose bodies are not producing enough CoQ10 and other antioxidants to control these.

As we get older, the amount of CoQ10 that the body produces decreases. Levels of CoQ10 are especially low in people that suffer from heart disease, and low levels of this compound means that the heart does not have the energy that it needs to keep it running normally.

You may find it very had to believe that The Brilliant Pharmaceutical Giant, who’s laboratory discovered and patented the Statin Drug, would know that this drug – the STATIN would deplete a persons body of an essential Nutrient – and yet fail to tell doctors and patients about it.

But it has come to light that THEY REALLY DID KNOW about this and failed to advise the public.

You would be entitled to ask what proof I have that this is so.

I will point you to the US Patient Office and in particular Patent Number: 4,933,165. You could also look at Patent Number: 4,929,437.

Below is a verbatim sample from Patent Number 4,933,165. What is claimed is:

1. A pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmaceutical carrier and an effective antihypercholesterolemic amount of an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor and an amount of Coenzyme Q.sub.10 effective to counteract HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor-associated skeletal muscle myopathy.

2. A composition of claim 1 in which the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor is selected from: lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin and sodium-3,5-dihydroxy-7-[3-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-(methylethyl)-1H-Indole-2yl]- hept-6-enoate.

3. A method of counteracting HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor-associated skeletal muscle myopathy in a subject in need of such treatment which comprises the adjunct administration of a therapeutically effective amount of an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor and an effective amount of Coenzyme Q.sub.10 to counteract said myopathy.

4. A method of claim 3 in which the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor is selected from the group consisting of: lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin and sodium-3,5-dihydroxy-7-[3-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-(methylethyl)-1H-Indole-2yl]- hept-6-enoate.

To access these patents:

Go to the official United States Patent and Trademark Office web site at (www.uspto.gov/). From the Patent offices home page “click” on the Patents button, then “click” on “Search Patents”, then click on “Patent Number Search”. Type in the patent number, (4,933,165) in the “Query Box” and “click” on the search button. The Patent number and title will show up, then just click on the patent number and you will be able to read the full documentation, including who is assigned the patent.

So you see, as per my blog title: A Rare Occurrence? Bah Humbug —– the Big Wealthy Pharmaceutical Giant knew all along that his, new great drug – STATIN- would deplete a human body of vital CoQ10, and that this could cause skeletal muscle myopathy.

Nowhere does it actually mention this is a rare happening. However it does mention an ‘an effective amount of Coenzyme Q.sub.10 to counteract said myopathy.’

The Big Pharmaceutical Giant took out a patent on a combination Statin & CoQ10, but never did make that drug.

Neither, it seemed, did they advise the doctors or the patients that taking their new – fantastic drug, would cause serious problems.

This has no doubt caused untold pain and misery amongst millions of users of their Statin Drug.

Even today I do not remember seeing any warning on any Statin Medication that you will need to supplement with CoQ10 to prevent damage to your muscles.

The Heart is a muscle!

I wonder how many patients have suffered damage to their heart from taking statin drugs?

Health Care is a misnomer.

As a prescription drug user you are nothing more than a means to another few dollars in the bank for the Big Pharmaceutical Giant and his Shareholders.

They knew ~

They failed to advise ~

They are responsible ~

For much pain and
permanent damage
done by their drugs ~

Side Effects are rare ~ Bah Humbug!

Statin Drugs are dangerous. Cholesterol is not the problem. Inflammation is.

Shane Ellison
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Dangers of Statin Drugs – side effects too

And from Mike Adams
Here’s list of known side effects caused by taking statin drugs. People who take statins have suffered ravaging health consequences, including permanent damage to their liver, muscles and nervous system. Statins frequently cause people to lose their memories or feel confused.

Irritability and short tempers
Homicidal impulses
Rapid loss of mental clarity
Kidney failure
Muscle aching and weakness
Tingling or cramping in the legs
Inability to walk
Problems sleeping
Impaired muscle formation
Erectile dysfunction
Temperature regulation problems
Nerve damage
Mental confusion
Liver damage and abnormalities
Destruction of CoQ10, a vital nutrient for health


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