>Are YOU a Cholesterol Skeptic?


Are YOU a Cholesterol Skeptic?

Have you done your reading, and questioned the necessity of being ‘force fed’ Statin Medications, to bring your cholesterol numbers into line with what ‘THEY” say they ought to be?

Then you too are what is commonly known as a Cholesterol Skeptic – and you are in fine company! There are many upstanding men and women in the field of medicine and science who wear that title “Cholesterol Skeptic’ proudly. They work tirelessly to bring to your attention, and the attention of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government, information pertaining to the dangers of lowering the cholesterol too much (as in the new numbers being foisted upon us) and also the unnecessary lowering of cholesterol using dangerous drugs such as Statins.

Time and again they have published essays and scientific papers which have been rejected and sneered at. Big Pharma holds the reigns of power very firmly in its control. If you do not agree with them, you are ousted!

It is my privilege to introduce you to some of them here and now. Where possible I will include links to some of their works, which you can read for yourself. Remember knowledge is power. So learn as much as you can. Find the articles to back up your findings, and be armed for the fight with your GP. Yes there will be a fight; there always is when it comes to prescription medications such as Cholesterol Lowering Drugs. But you have the right to decide what drugs you will allow to enter your body.

Dr. Duane Graveline, MD, MPH Has over 250 articles listed on his website. All are listed by category. He has three books published to help you in this fight. SPACEDOC.NET is where you will find all this wonderful information.

Dr. Kilmer McCully MD Is a tireless co-worker in this field. He has many articles to his credit which are available from Doc Graveline’s site. These are some of them:

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick MD Is another fellow Skeptic, who calls it like it is.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD, FACC, FACN A Cholesterol Skeptic himself, will tell you : I don’t prescribe statins to patients unless they have serious heart disease, and then not in every case. I certainly don’t prescribe statins to bring down some total cholesterol number which often has no significance.

Meet Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, Uffe is the ONE who helped me understand the need for cholesterol in the human body. His bio is simply amazing.These three articles are a great place to start:

As I mentioned earlier if you are a cholesterol skeptic then you are amongst some wonderful people.

Did you know there is a recognised group known as The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics Follow the link to discover who else is working on your side.

There is so much more to discover, but these above are a great place to begin your journey to knowledge. This page will continue to be added to, so please keep coming back.
Interested in what the most up to date discussions on Statin Drugs are? CLICK HERE

Need a safe place to discuss the damages done by these drugs? Want to get off Statins? You could apply to join the Stopped Our Statins group. Membership is restricted. Another great website full of information.Stopped Our Statins Side Effects, Resources, General Information.

Have you had any side effects from statin treatment?

If you would like to share your experience on statins with researchers

at the University of California in San Diego,

Complete an online (paperless) survey at http://www.statineffects.com/.

Volunteers taking cholesterol-lowering drugs
needed for study of side effects
Also, please sign
a petition about statin side effects! To be sent to WHO.

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