>A Swindle? A Hoax?


Honest Folks are questioning the Theory of Man Made (AGW) Global Warming.

Are we being duped by money grabbing industrialists and government bodies, intent on lining their own purses, feathering their own nests? Are we being fed camel dung in an effort to perpetrate one of the greatest hoaxes of all time? If AGW is a hoax where did it emanate from? If its NOT a hoax – where is the proof of the pudding?

Some people will tell you that it is not really a hoax; it’s just that scientists do not have sufficient data from pre-history to the current day, to make such LARGE statements about what is going to happen. The Earths weather has always fluctuated. It always will, and nothing we say or do can change or control that.

Some others will blame it strictly on politics and power manipulation at the highest of levels. They deny the temperature fluctuations.

Others say: The fact that global warming is happening is virtually indisputable, how much of it (IF ANY) is VERY disputable.

The theory of man-made global warming was started by the UK Conservative government [led by Margaret Thatcher] in the 1980s, in response to a large scale strike by coal miners, prior to this, it was feared that we were headed for another ice age (subsequently proven by the release of Ice Age II – The Meltdown by 20th century fox [J/K!]. The “coal strike” was causing nationwide discontent. Giving in to the miners’ demands wasn’t economically viable, so the government decided to promote nuclear power. At the time pressure groups such as CND & Greenpeace were causing mass opposition to nuclear energy, so in order to “sell” nuclear energy to voters, the government marketed it as the “green” alternative, based on the fact that it is almost infinitely renewable, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

The theory caught on and became more widespread when governments throughout the world realized they could make money by way of “green taxes”.

Most scientists get their income from these governments by way of grants. By fair means or foul, it soon became apparent that any scientist who wanted to disprove this theory stood a lesser chance obtaining such a grant, therefore the scientific community became proponents of this theory whether they believed it or not.

Still others blame the Sun and our local planets for all the ‘changes in climate’ that are being experienced across our Solar System.

To the average person on the street these simple questions beg to be answered:
*Are Global Warming (AGW) and Pollution the very same thing?
*Does pollution cause global warming?
*If we clean up our act will that stop our Earth from dying (this is what our children are now being taught in schools – the Earth is dying and we are killing it).

Malcom Roberts tells us this:

Pollution such as nitrous oxides, particulates and unburned fuel in air, heavy metals in soil and groundwater contamination is detrimental to our health, security and spirit and to our planet. Pollution robs Nature of vitality and beauty which robs us of vitality and joy.

You may think global warming needs to be treated as seriously as pollution yet they’re actually different issues and we should be even more concerned about the core issue —climate alarm. That’s because throughout human history actions driven by fear produced solutions far worse than the initial perceived problem.

He lists many facts we can follow up ourselves such as:

There appear to be hundreds, perhaps many hundreds of factors affecting global climate. These operate across many scales including the following partial list:

• Galactic. eg, 150 million year cycle of our solar system passing through high cosmic wind radiation bands in our galaxy.

• Solar system and sun. These are many, varied and appear highly significant for climate including variations in sun’s solar output; output of solar particles; sun’s magnetic field polarity and strength; Earth’s orbit; solar system’s centre-of-gravity; Earth’s axis tilt and precession; sun’s polarity; sun spot cycles; moon’s orbit.

• Planetary. These appear to include Earth’s axis tilt; geotectonic and volcanic activity; many forms of energy including kinetic and magnetic; Earth’s polarity and movement of the poles; length of day; seasons of the year; volume of water in the global hydrological cycle; Earth’s geothermal heat flow; Earth’s interior heat source – vastly greater by many orders of magnitude than oceans as a heat sink.

• Earth’s surface. eg, topography; Earth’s surface temperatures; seasonal variations in temperature; fires; relative differentials between regions around the Earth’s surface, especially polar to tropical; photochemical -dynamical changes; sea ice; sea level; Earth’s internal constitution.

• Atmospheric. eg, variations in strength of Earth’s magnetic field – deflecting of photons; atmospheric water content; cloud cover; precipitation – rain, snow; variability in wind currents; lower and upper atmospheric temperatures and their relationships; natural aerosols (far outweigh human-made aerosols); ozone; natural mineral aerosols; atmospheric pressure; storm activity; auroral lights.

• Oceanic. eg, ocean temperature; salinity; currents; sea surface temperatures; iron content; Earth’s tides due to interaction of sun and moon.

• Cyclic regional decadal circulation patterns such as North American Oscillation and the southern Pacific ocean’s El Nino together with their variation over time.

• Biological. eg, marine phytoplanckton producing natural aerosols like sea salt and dimethyl sulphide; enzyme action of microbes;

• Nature’s large scale changes to vegetation.

• Interactions. eg, of wind currents and ocean currents; conversion of energy forms (eg, from sun’s e-m energy to cloud seeds); environmental processes involving the interaction of climate, biological and geological processes and, at times, extraterrestrial bombardment by meteorites; area of snow cover; heat content and transfers spatially and vertically around and within Earth; heat transfers between ocean and atmosphere and between land and atmosphere;

• water vapour transfers spatially and vertically; release of volatiles at deep ocean vents.

• Human. eg, relatively tiny human production of aerosols (eg, soot); aircraft contrails; land use. Due to Earth’s relative enormity, the impact of human factors is restricted to local and occasionally regional Understanding has improved recently of the sun’s huge effect on Earth directly, and indirectly through its variation triggering variation in other climate factors such as clouds.

Perfect seasonal and short term correlation of atmospheric CO2 content with ocean surface temperatures has recently been proved. Endersbee (2008).

Not one scientist can reliably state the complete list of climate factors. Not one scientist can state the impact of each factor in isolation. Not one scientist can state the impact of the interdependent factors. Not one scientist can even state the direction of effect on climate. Not one. Evans (2008a).

Scientist David Evans, former member of the Australian Federal Government’s global warming task force says western governments have spent 50 billion dollars searching for evidence of warming due to human production of CO2 and found no evidence. The UN’s greenhouse gas theory not proved.

That very last sentence is probably the most important one you will ever hear.
The UN’s greenhouse gas THEORY has NOT been proven, and yet that is the very basis upon which all this Climate Change HYPE is based.

Malcom Roberts entire paper:
Thriving with Nature and Humanity; replacing, fear guilt and control with facts, forgiveness and freedom – is a valuable contribution to assisting us in understanding the HYPE surrounding the climate alarmism which is traversing our planet. He concludes his paper with these words:

Demand independent, non-political investigation of the UN IPCC and firm action to prevent recurrence of UN fraud. For the sake of all people’s and to preserve and enrich human liberty, we each need to speak out to reject any remote, unaccountable, stifling, bureaucratic UN global governance. Demand protection of the environment and maintenance of economic security, national sovereignty and individual freedom.


Just ME in T says:
We need to keep reading and learning as much as we can about the movement that is trying its hardest to coerce us into joining a world wide propaganda machine – for control of all aspects of our life. The movement for AGW is a big dark political entity. Did you vote the members of the UN’s IPCC into office? Have you ever been asked your thoughts and opinions about whether we should actually be funding their activities? If you had any say in the matter would you continue to support their activities, considering the (to date) number of debacles (gates) that have been identified in just the one document? How many gross errors does it take before you are known as totally unreliable?

The United Nations IPCC has had its day!
It’s time to ‘disband the UN IPCC altogether
as a fraudulent organization
and return climate science
back to the world of scientists and science’
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  1. Ed Darrell says:

    >But still she warms!Your complaint really boils down to "we don't understand every bit about the science, therefore the science is wrong."Odd. We live in a time when we can split atoms for war or for peace, and when we use the products of those splittings to treat disease or just find it.And yet, as Ernst Mach complained about atoms, "No one has ever seen one." I think you underestimate the extent of knowledge, tiny as it is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Ed I am a big fan of science…. the way it used to be presented – openly honestly and for all to see and critique. Scienec NEVER was a 'closed door' affair…..Global weather has changed since before records were ever kepts – long before there were big stacks billowing out noxious gasses into the atmosphere – what caused those changes if it was not human kind?

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