>YOU voted them in

>Fossil – First Politician Perhaps?

YOU can just as easily

vote them out again if you so wish

This is not a threat it’s simply the facts. You elected them to Office to do YOUR bidding. You pay their wages and give them executive benefits, comforts and power. What have they done for you in return?

Many times they voted themselves higher earnings and special privileges – yes we know that, but right now they are NOT listening to your wants, needs, desires, and wishes. In many things YOU are more highly educated and knowledgeable, especially about the Voodoo Science of Man made Global Warming (AGW). Yet they won’t listen to you, no matter how often you ask them to – NO, demand – they look further into the fraud that is being perpetrated.

I jest not when I suggest you warn them their tenure is hanging by a delicate thread. Out of Office, out of power, out of the public arena…… Oh how that could hurt an inflated ego (well don’t most politician suffer from that syndrome?) YOU made them a someone – YOU can make them a NOBODY too! It is actually YOU who holds the power, even if they pretend otherwise.

An Apology
“We would like to apologize for the way in which politicians are represented in this programme. It was never our intention to imply that politicians are weak-kneed, political time-servers who are more concerned with their personal vendettas and private power struggles than the problems of government, nor to suggest at any point that they sacrifice their credibility by denying free debate on vital matters in the mistaken impression that party unity comes before the well-being of the people they supposedly represent, not to imply at any stage that they are squabbling little toadies without an ounce of concern for the vital social problems of today. Nor indeed do we intend that viewers should consider them as crabby ulcerous little self-seeking vermin with furry legs and an excessive addiction to alcohol and certain explicit sexual practices which some people might find offensive. We are sorry if this impression has come across.”

Last November (2009) just prior to the Copenhagen Meeting which was destined to ‘save the word’ from the evils of AGW, some ‘decent’ human being(s) managed to get a hold of copious numbers of files and emails, which have shown how the “in crowd’ have manipulated Climate Data facts and figures, to suit their own purposes. To the best of my knowledge no one has come forward as yet, to claim the prize, which I feel certain is theirs just for the taking. I suspect millions of people would donate towards this prize if such were offered. Perhaps we could just take back Al Gore’s and Rajendra Pachauri Nobel Prize. Seems like a great idea to me.

Knowledgeable people all over the world, especially scientists working in the Climate field, have told us that Man made Global Warming is a PURE SCAM – ‘VOODOO SCIENCE’.

Today we learn that Lord Christopher Monckton has once again come forward to warn the United States of America – and the entire world we expect, that the United Nations will try again to get their ‘treaty’ passed in Bonn, Germany. The video of Lord Monckton speaking is found at the Cfact link.

Click Cfact.org for Lord Moncton’s Presentation.

The case for a climate treaty is in tatters. We’ve seen the Climategate emails expose scientists who adjusted their data to suit their politics. We’ve seen Glaciergate in which we’ve learned that the famous IPCC climate change report falsely stated that Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2035 and based this not on science, peer reviewed or otherwise, but on the unfounded claims of the WWF, an environmental campaigning organization. Now we’re learning about Nasagate – that climate researchers at the American space agency concede that their temperature data was inaccurate and inferior to the data used at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia which is the very data that the Climategate emails reveal has been tinkered with. These days we can’t seem to go a week without witnessing some further aspect of the climate charade collapsing into a new “gate.”

Well all this has the bureaucrats of the U.N., left-wing climate organizations and the businesses planning to cash in on the climate change scare, racing to restore their position before the gate closes for good on the entire climate change scare.

Polls tell us that the public has seen through the climate scare, but that their governments are not yet listening to them. People of good sense and good intentions need to make their voices heard. Let your elected representatives of every party know that they will pay a handsome price at the ballot box unless they withdraw their support from unwise climate change treaties and legislation and actively oppose them. Tell the U.N. Representatives meeting in Bonn that there must be no new climate change treaty. The science is not settled and the facts simply do not fit.

Did you read that properly? It says: Polls have told us the public (that is YOU and I) have seen through the climate scare, but that their governments are not yet listening to them……..

I have to wonder why this is so? If by not listening to YOU the voter, what have they to gain? I have usually found it is a case of follow the money… the almighty and (not so) blessed $$$$$$ rules – what YOU and I have to say matters little when there are millions of millions of millions of (enough) dollars at stake. There is a humongous power struggle taking place in this world, and we see or hear very little about it.

Open your eyes and ears, stand up and be counted, and make your vote count for something. The future of the human race.

Just ME in T says:

This is not going to go away quietly. Time after time we find articles appearing in the press telling us that Global Warming is REAL and we are to blame! Our Children are being indoctrinated with this daily in schools and places of higher learning. WE are going to be blamed for a naturally occurring phenomena. Meanwhile our governments are selling us short – and into the hands of would be ‘master controllers’ who will have the power to charge us, imprison us, tax us, invade us…. do with us whatever the choose…. and all in the name of saving the planet from a natural events cycle.

Think long and hard…… just what are your politicians doing? how will it or does it benefit you? How will it and does it benefit them?

And Please keep on praying daily for them all. God is the only one who could possibly understand the mind of an elected politician!

Till next time, be as well as you can.


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