>Dear Doctor Al


I feel a Competition Brewing

The Prize?
The privilege of Naming the Title of The Degree

Remember the song: Hide the Decline which arrived on the internet towards the end of 2009? I would dearly like to see these guys do one titled: Name the Degree.

In my humble opinion it would be as popular, if not more so.

I nearly fell of my chair laughing when I read at Knoxnews.com that Al Baby was being considered for an Honorary Doctorial Degree. Because of copy write issues I cannot put the text up here.

However the gist of the story goes like this:

The University Chancellor, Jimmy Cheek, considers Al to be amongst the most accomplished and respected Tennesseans in history. He considers it fitting that Al should be honored by the flagship education institution of his home state.

So when you too have caught your breath and stopped laughing yourself silly, lets see if we can come up with a TITLE for this degree, depicting what it is being awarded for.

Something along the lines of:

An Honorary Doctoral Degree in Hypothetical Climatology.

An Honorary Doctoral Degree in Polar Bear Extinction Mythology

In Statistical Gymnastics and Contortionism

For his Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Mythological Exaggerations and Planetary Extinction Deception

Come on now I am certain you can come up with better than these.

Add your suggestion to the comments section.

Lets see who comes up with the best– this could be so much fun, if it were not so darn serious. Do you realize that along with his Nobel prize, his Doctorate (Hon) will be in the history books as well. Our Great Grand Kids will think Dr. Al Baby is the ‘bee’s knees’ and they will probably even consider him an ‘honest’ sort of bloke too! Heaven help us please.


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