>Kevin’s Medical Monopoly


Will He beat President Obama to the punch?

There are some serious skeptics out there who wonder why, just at the time a Federal Election could be around the next corner, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has taken this moment to (not quite) unveil his $50 Billion Dollar Health Take Over Plan. We are yet to see the details, but Prime Minister Rudd has threatened the States, if they do not agree (right now) to his yet to be revealed plan, he WILL take it to a referendum. I say ‘go for it Mr. Rudd’, Ozzies are notorious for voting NO when you pressure them this way.

There is a very serious question that needs your due consideration (I jest not) and an answer.

Do you trust the bureaucracy that just mismanaged the Home Insulation Fiasco to the tune of $70 million dollars, to manage your healthcare? The same bureaucracy that got four electricians killed because of bureaucratic mismanagement?

Hints on the TV news tonight, discussing the new Hospital Management scheme indicated that patient cases in public hospitals will be managed ‘much better’, with quicker treatment times, less waiting times, faster discharge times, payments being made to the hospitals for particular treatments and case management. I wonder what that will do for the elderly and infirm and the chronically ill.

President Obama is still fighting to get US Health Care reforms passed and into law. Our Kevin might be able to ‘blow a raspberry’ and say, ‘see this is how we do it Down Under’!

Don’t forget will you, if the Health Take Over Plan gets approved, your State will be loosing 1/3rd of its GST revenues which will be put into a new National Hospital Fund to be spent only on health and hospitals.

Of course that means that your State Government will have to raise more taxes to cover the shortfall left by this carving up of the GST. Get ready for the hike – it will come, just as sure as eggs are eggs!

One must ask also what ever happened to Kevin’s ETS? Is the health Care Reform “Down Under Style” his new fight for re-election? Does he finally understand the Australian people will no longer tolerate either his ramblings and showmanship antics, or

Minister Wong’s totally incorrect statements, proving she does not understand the science, neither does she listen to, or keep abreast of what is happening with the THEORY of AGW.

Don’t give up just yet though folks, the battle isn’t over till it’s won. Whatever happened to (the) weather? Got a posh new name now has it – CLIMATE? When I was growing up we knew the weather was unpredictable…… bit like politicians really!


Just ME in T Says:
Till next time stay safe and be as well as you can. It is going to pay you to stay healthy me thinks!

Keep praying for your politicians, they need all the help they can get.


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