>An Expensive Exercise – Funded by YOU!


The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) could quite possibly costs less than the search for an undeniable proof that Human Kind and its CO2 Emissions are heating up the planet! (AGW)

I can only point to figures for the Australian Continent, (pages 3779-3819) but I feel sure, if you live elsewhere, and are keen to discover the sum involved, somewhere you will find it – and be staggered, as I am, at the amount being ‘invested’ in this futile bureaucratic exercise which will line the pockets of many, but most certainly not those of you and I.

I called it ‘futile’? Yes I did, so I guess that makes me a ‘denier’… sticks and stones etc. Yet day by day (it seems) we are learning more about fudged facts and figures, non peer reviewed data being presented as ‘IPCC gospel’, glaciers that reportedly melt slower, sea levels that are not rising. (see here also) There are a host of ‘gates’ mentioned frequently in the news, more it seems on the internet than in main stream media. I believe there are still more ‘gates’ to be opened.

We can thank Senator Ian Macdonald for this information as he asked the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, upon notice, on 12 May 2009 for information detailing (over the past 5 years), what Australian Research Council research grants have gone to scientists and researchers associated with work related to climate change. Who was the recipient? What was the amount involved? What was the short title of the research? And this ladies and gentlemen is just a sample of where your tax dollars have been spent in attempting to show that human kind is causing climate change (AGW).

It would be unfair to itemize out here the various grants that have been allocated. Looking at the list will no doubt cause you some consternation, especially when you read the titles of some of the research applications. Do GULP loudly when you see some of the amounts. Suffice to say that millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars have been and continue to be expended on attempting to prove a THEORY which is daily becoming more untenable.

John Stossel produced a fine documentary that countered Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. Thousands of climatologists and meteorologist have come forward with statements, studies, and reports that completely refute the sham of ‘Global Warming’. The IPCC’s ‘house of cards’ is coming crashing down around its own ears, and yet we still have people, in politics pushing the AGW wagon….. It’s getting steeper; it’s more up hill these days.

Come on folks, if nothing else matters to you, surely your hard earned dollars do? You work hard, probably play hard and most certainly pay hard, a considerable portion of your yearly wages to the Federal Government. If you are like me, you hope, nay – you expect your Government to use this money wisely and for the good of all Australians. How do you feel knowing that millions of tax payer dollars are being wasted in this way? How do you feel knowing that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is spending $146,000 per day on Climate Change advertising – $13.95 million on climate change ads – startling is it not?

Where is all of this money coming from? Most of it from your hard earned tax dollars, some possibly from overseas loans being taken out to ‘aid’ the recession.

People it is high time you took to the keyboard and wrote to your elected representatives in Canberra, Write to the Editors of your Mainstream Media and Television Channels. Seek answers as to why this myth is being continually perpetrated when there is good evidence to say – enough is enough! Bury the AGW THEORY and lets move on to Health and Education, and housing and feeding the poor and looking after the disabled. Aussies have backbones….. Stand up straight and be counted.

Just ME in T says:

Folks we need to get on their backs now and constantly. The “backsides” return to Canberra imminently, and if an ETS or such like gets pushed through, you will only have yourselves to blame. Pester, write, phone, fax, annoy – but don’t let them slip anything past you. Get answers, make them tell you exactly where they stand on this NON ISSUE, and let them know you disapprove and can vote them out.

Of course whilst doing this, continue to pray for them, so that they will make the right decisions for the Nation of Australia.


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