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When you hear the phrase “Global Warming”, I expect you understand that to mean the temperature of the world (the entire world) is rising – going up.

Therefore when you hear the phrase “Global Cooling” one might expect that to mean the temperature of the world (the entire world) is cooling – going down.

So, when the expression becomes ‘climate change’ – is that like hedging your bets?

There are stern advocates on both sides of this debate. What Debate? The debate about Global Warming of course! Quite apart from the fact that we have been assured that the debate is over because we have scientific consensus proving Global Warming – oops, Climate Change is real, let’s hang on a minute please and be as specific as we possibly can, about what this debate really is about.

As best as I can put this into words, the debate is about whether in fact Carbon Dioxide levels, as produced by human kind, have in fact increased, thereby forcing the temperature of the planet to increase, thereby posing us all great peril, looming just around the corner – for which WE are, ourselves responsible. The scientists and media might phrase it in slightly different terms, but to my understanding that is the crux of the debate.

If in fact it can be shown that by increasing our output of carbon dioxide into Earths atmosphere, we are in fact forcing the elevation of world temperatures, that my friend – I would term global warming.

So why do we now find that the ‘politically correct’ term to use is Climate Change? Could it have anything at all to do with the fact that globally the weather is being as totally unpredictable as it has always been? I have always felt sorry for television weather forecasters, as I consider being able to predict the weather accurately, more than 3 days in advance, akin to fortune telling, reading cards etc., stuff and nonsense.

For many years the press has been feeding us lines about how hot this or that year has been… ‘The hottest year on record’. Just a few examples here:

Australia’s hottest year on record

Last year was the warmest on record in the UK

1990 Proves to be the hottest yet

A Global Warming Resumed in 1994, Climate Data Show

2005 was hottest year on record

Then we have the weird report that the drought in Australia is happening because the rains are falling in Antarctica.

Have Australia’s Rains Moved to Antarctica?

I have serious doubts that the weather patterns we are currently seeing here in Australia have anything to do with Man Made climate change, and more to do with the fact that this is a land of extremes, as has been noted since before the time of the First White Settlers.

Australia is a large continent, with very different weather patterns all over it, yet since European occupation, the ‘traditional’ view of the weather has been that of the Northern Hemisphere, with four seasons; Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. Some people argue that Canberra is one of the only places in the country that can genuinely claim to experience all four seasons.

Everywhere else, the weather is localized and different. Up north in Australia there are two seasons, ‘the wet’ and ‘the dry’. In Perth the summers are hot and dry and the rain that falls in winter is in short sporadic bursts. In Sydney rain comes in torrential storms during summer and can drizzle for a week at a time in winter.

Is Global Warming responsible for this? I don’t think so:

The Drought in the Murray Darling Basin – River system?

That my friends is a very good question because The Australian Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator, The Honorable Penny Wong, in a 2009 Media Release stated:

Today’s Murray-Darling Basin Authority Drought Update presents another disturbing snapshot of the critical situation in the Murray-Darling Basin, confirming the need for continued action on climate change and water reform, Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, said. “The drought update reports May inflows into the River Murray were the third driest on record at only 90 billion litres, well below the long term May average of 390 billion litres,” Senator Wong said.

Now we find that
Andrew Bolt has dug up new evidence (that) there’s no evidence in the Murray Darling drought of man-made warming, says a new study in Geophysical Research Letters.

Is the hole in the Ozone Layer perhaps responsible? I don’t think so as Australian Scientists have been reported as saying the hole is closing up.

Then there is there is the weird story that says Global Warming has caused the Big Freeze in Europe.

Freezing Temperatures Caused by Global Warming

Tell the
people who froze to death and their families the story that it was because it was warmer, that they died.

USA freeze set to continue Relief from the bitter cold across much of northern USA may be a long way off as temperatures remain well below zero until next week.

And Don’t forget those Receding Glacier stories either.

So where to now we might ask?

There is a Federal election looming in Australia, and even as recently as a couple of weeks ago, the two major parties, were openly questioning each other’s competence and threatening to force an election over the need to have an Emissions Trading Scheme firmly in place, to prove to the United Nations and the world at large, how serious we were at doing our part ‘to save the planet’ from the ravages of Global Warming.

Things seem to have quieted down phenomenally all of a sudden. I know many people who are anti the man made global warming theory have spoken out loud and strong. The media did not take much notice of them of course and kept pushing the AGW agenda, but as soon as more and more stories were released showing the inaccuracies of the ‘gospel’ of the IPCC, the media seemed to lose interest in pursuing the Climate Change agenda, as did our Elected Representatives.

Could we in fact be ready to slide into a new ice age? Some seem to think so: (Cameron blogger comment) “Now, a new research report from a surprising source may help to lay this skepticism to rest. A study from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland looking at climate data over the past century has concluded that solar variation has made a significant impact on the Earth’s climate….Past research has shown that the sun goes through eleven year cycles. At the cycle’s peak, solar activity occurring near sunspots is particularly intense, basking the Earth in solar heat. According to Robert Cahalan, a climatologist at the Goddard Space Flight Center, “Right now, we are in between major ice ages, in a period that has been called the Holocene.”

So this still leaves me questioning the semantics of Climate Change. Is it real? Is it happening? Are we humans causing the temperature to rise because of our increase in Carbon Dioxide Emissions? Is there any proof this is so? Professor Bob Carter has a couple of excellent short video’s showing just how the CO2 question, relating to Man Made Global Warming (Climate Change) does not stack up. Maybe worth you while viewing them. (
part one), (part two)

Until next time, be very careful what terminology you use when discussing the hype of Global Warming…… ensure that both you and your audience understand that what you are actually discussing is in fact the THEORY of Man Made (AGW) Global Warming due to the increase of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. And if anyone challenges you on the methane output by our domestic farm animals being partly the cause of so called Global Warming, point them to this video, (has global warming been cancelled?) again by Professor Bob Carter. It’s worth a laugh.


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