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What ever happened to thinking for ones self? Working through a problem? Challenging another’s hypothesis? All of a sudden it seems folks take as ‘gospel’, as inerrant fact, anything they see on TV or read in the newspapers. I don’t know about you, but when I went to school, I was taught to read and research things thoroughly. I was instructed ONLY to come to conclusions after I had all the facts. Don’t they teach that methodology any more today?

Just because something is presented to us as fact, does not absolve us from delving into the methodology employed to reach that conclusion. Doing so, leaves us with no one else to blame but ourselves, when things go wrong. Simply because ‘everyone’ else says so, is not a good enough reason. “The Science is in” there can be ‘no doubt’ etc, etc; etc gives you a couple of choices. You can accept it as a given fact and go blindly along with it – wearing the Lemming Badge, or you can use your own mind, dig deep into your own resources, search the actual documents, and see if in fact it is a Fait accompli, or are there some grey areas, even perhaps many areas that are still unanswered.

Now I am not a blind follower of the AGW church, I dislike the tag ‘denier’ or even ‘skeptic’, I much prefer to consider myself a seeker of facts. The more I read the less I like what I am finding. Without going over and over yet again all the errors and misleading statements that are currently coming to light about the IPCC’s DOGMA of man made Climate Change supposedly caused by CO2 emissions, I bring to your attention a little snippet I found today, which is another one to add to the growing list of misinformation being uncovered.

The Bright Side of Global Warming

Anne Jolis in the WSJ brought to light a little know fact that in 2004 British geographer and climatologist Nigel Arnell wrote a paper which summarised the possible benefits of global warming on water resources in different places on planet earth. (My interpretation of her words)

It appears Mr. Arnell found that taking the average of the two ranges, (that means) that with global warming, nearly 2.7 billion people could see greater water shortages—but 3.85 billion could see fewer of them. Hummmm more water for the planet?

You need to read the WSJ Article to understand the gist of this. However, what is most interesting is that the IPCC did not report (surprise surprise) his entire findings. The paper was funded by the U.K. government, and was duly cited in the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s supposedly authoritative 2007 assessment report. But the IPCC used Mr. Arnell’s research to give the opposite impression, by a form of single-entry book-keeping. While it dutifully tallies the numbers of people he predicts will be left with less water access, it largely ignores the greater number likely to see more water courtesy of climate change.

Talk about Cherry Picking!
One really must ask what other data has been tweaked and twisted, manipulated and fudged to suit the end purpose of the IPCC’s catastrophic warning of impending doom for Planet Earth.

OK so back to the Lemmings ~~~~~

Folks, if you only read what THEY want you to read, you will never get the full story. If you only absorb the Press Release you will only know what THEY deem you need to know. You have to delve for yourself. Examine the full facts, ask the right questions of the right people, don’t merely accept the media hype. If something seems inaccurate, far fetched, unrealistic or otherwise outstanding or extreme, find out why this is so. Base your judgement on the facts, after you have read them for yourself.

Don’t be a Lemming and follow the leader blindly, it’s a long drop off that cliff!


Just ME in T says:

Over the past week or so many other non truths and inaccuracies have come to light in the debate over the THEORY of Man Made Climate Change (AGW). I doubt the revelations have ceased, and probably in due course heads will roll. It is my belief that the UN has an agenda, involving a control mechanism, one which is floundering badly! We can take control of our own ‘greening’ of our environment, however it seem less likely that CO2 emissions are responsible for climate changes. These are a natural part of our global weather patterns.

Till next time, stay safe, be as well as you can, and watch carefully what strings our Elected Representatives are trying to pull. Ask ‘why’ this is so? And continue to seek answers.

Pray mightily….. we all need Divine Intervention.


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