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Some of my Dearest Friends and Family Members would call that an understatement. However I openly admit that I had to go and ‘look up’ the meaning of a word today, TUMBRILS – go on look it up yourself, and then tell me if you too, think it is a good descriptor of what is needed around Parliament House next week.

If you are going to hitch your wagon to a star I would suggest it be the Star of Bethlehem – and not the star of Man Made Global Warming (AGW)…. Al Gore’s star will fizzle out – in fact it is doing so even as I type this blog.

In James Delinpoles blog today he relates parts of

Philip Stott’s outrage on the life and imminent death of the AGW scam.
I applaud both of them. If one could take back Nobel Prizes and award them
to more worthy people, these two (amongst many others) should be seriously considered, for their work in showing to the world just how big this scam really is. It has more heads than HYDRA, and is just as dangerous. Cut off any head and more will grow back……

Although more and more people are beginning to question the reality of AGW and proposed carbon taxes worldwide, and more and more evidence is amassing about the frauds being perpetuated by the IPCC and the ‘scientists’ writing the papers, mainstream media is ignoring the scandal as are the vast majority of our Elected Representatives.

Tony Abbott MHR, Leader of the Opposition Party here in Australia, has announced that he has a Carbon Action Plan for Australia,

so even he does not accept that AGW is a scam,
and he will perpetuate the myth that we have a necessity to
reduce carbon emissions to deal with climate change.
I had really hoped for better from him and the Australian Liberals.

One of the repliers to James Delinpole posted a link to this:

(referring to Climate Change Pushers I imagine)

I – Claudius, Livia
the Classic Line
‘you’re all scum and you know it’

One can only hope and pray that our Government will wake up before its too late and acknowledge that this has all been a big scam, save face, back off and get on with the process of leading Australia into the future with heads held high. Kevin, we elected you to lead us into a bright future, not down the dark corridors of the UN into eternal debt and damnation!


Just ME in T says:

Time is fast running out. If we let them, our Elected Representatives will continue to force us down the path towards reducing Carbon Emissions to save planet Earth, when there is ample proof, or at least plenty of credible scientific evidence to argue against this position. None of these scientists have been listened to. ONLY those who toe the UN’s IPCC line of AGW have been published and heard in the public arena.

Petition your Parliamentary Members to discuss the opinions of those who dispute the IPCC’s stance. Don’t let them bully you into accepting, as a “done deal” this scam on AGW. Fight Back. You voted them in you can vote them back out. Tasmania is due to hold State elections in the very near future. Other states will soon follow. Tell them what you think and let them know they are replaceable!

Till next time, stay safe, be well and –


to open their minds and heart to reality.


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