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In Roman society, the wife of the Emperor was supposed to be the guardian of Roman honor. She was supposed to be above reproach. If her morals were called into question, it was a serious reproach to her husband’s image.

In this article I hope you will see that Caesar is not above reproach, and thus casts a definite stigma on those married to Caesar – our governments, our politicians, our ‘save the planet’ agencies who ‘bask’ in the ‘glory’ of every word written by the IPCC.

The findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are often held up as representing “the consensus of scientists” and are presented as the ‘Holy Grail’ for the salvation of Planet Earth and her future generations. One could almost say that whatever the IPCC presents as ‘gospel’ must never be challenged, let alone, will never be allowed to be challenged – their ‘word’ is above reproach. They are Caesar to the people of Earth! Their procedures are ‘perfect’ – faultless and true for all time.

There have been several new revelations indicating that the “procedures” are not infallible and that highly publicized IPCC results are either wrong or unjustified—which has the knock-on effect of rendering the IPCC an unreliable source of information. Unreliable doesn’t mean wrong in all cases, mind you, just that it is hard to know where and when errors are present, and as such, the justification that “the IPCC says so” is no longer sufficient (or acceptable).

Chip Knappenberger has a good blog on these current (I was going to name them errors) revelations that is well worth reading. I am particularly fond of his ‘warning statement’ that should perhaps be attached to any and all publications coming out from the IPCC from henceforth:

In light of what we now know, I suggest that from now on, all IPCC products come with the following warning label:

“The findings of the IPCC reports were developed in advance and furthered by a careful selection from whatever material could be found to support them. In some cases, supporting material was developed or fabricated where none could otherwise be located. As such, these findings may not necessarily reflect the true state of scientific understanding. Use at your own risk.”


Just ME in T says:

Yes it is time right now to ask the relevant questions of your Elected Representative. The Australia Parliament reconvenes this week.
Don’t let Kevin hustle through any agreement that is not based on solid facts.

What he is currently presenting is NOT solid fact, and is based on information from the United Nation’s IPCC, which is continuing to be found to be inaccurate and in some cases down right fraudulent. Don’t be misled by stories of ‘everyone makes an occasional mistake’ when your future and that of your children’s is at stake.
Stand Up and BE COUNTED…..

Both Caesar and his Wife MUST be above reproach.

As the Australian Government is ‘married’ to the IPCC —-

Well I leave the rest up to you.

Till next time, stay safe, be as well as you can,

and keep praying for you politicians,

God knows they need help.

and don’t forget to listen to what
Lord Monckton had to say this week……
I found it ‘better’ to download the podcast
rather than listen to it directly

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