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The Australian Greens (political party) have announced their intention to “break the political deadlock on climate action, writing to all the key politicians proposing that we adopt Professor Garnaut’s suggestion of a two year interim scheme with a fixed price, no trading and no offsets.”

Professor Garnaut is responsible for “The Garnaut Climate Change Review” which presented its Final Report to the Prime Minister of Australia and the eight states and territories on 30 September 2008. The Review was an independent study conducted by economist Professor Ross Garnaut, commissioned by Australia’s Commonwealth, state and territory governments in 2007.

In section 2 of the report entitled “Understanding Climate Science” it clearly states:

The Review is not in a position to independently evaluate the considerable body of scientific knowledge; it takes as a starting point the majority opinion of the Australian and international scientific communities that human-induced climate change is happening, will intensify if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and could impose large costs on human civilisation.

This chapter draws extensively on the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and on detailed reports prepared by Australian scientists, research published since the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and work commissioned specifically for the Review.

The above two paragraphs clearly shows us that (a) ONLY the advice of scientific communities that promote Man Made Global Warming – Climate Change, were listened to, taken advice of, referenced in this report, and (b) the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report was (drawn) extensively on for this review.

The Greens have said it has fallen to them, the Greens to put forward sensible measures to get the country moving towards serious climate action, and stimulate investment in renewable energy and green jobs. To this end we have proposed to break the political deadlock around the CPRS by adopting Professor Garnaut’s recommendation of setting an interim price on carbon.

Reading through the Greens press release one is led to believe that (a) Man Made Climate Change is FACT, it is not in dispute – end of subject. (b) The report complied and presented by Professor Garnaut is the saviour of the Australian Continent and (c) the word of the IPCC is sacrosanct, inerrant and must be obeyed.

One wonders what happened to the scientific opinions of those scientists who stand against the THEORY of Man Made (AGW) climate change? There are quite a lot of them you now. Credible scientists working in the field of climate sciences.

The report compiled and presented by the Economist, Professor Garnaut had fixed terms of reference. He is not a scientist, he was commissioned to write and present a report showing how climate change was going to affect the Australian Economy – and make suggestions as to what could / should be implemented to this effect. It was not his place to deny, correct, disavow the FACT (as presented to him) of Climate Change… just report on how it might be mitigated and how to help Australia in the process. He worked with what he was presented with, and reported what he found using those parameters.

What I would personally like to see is the IPCC put under the spotlight. Already we are finding that critical information from the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has been relied heavily upon by Professor Garnaut, it fraudulent. One does wonder how many other ‘technical errors’ will be found in IPCC’s reports? When challenged about this, and a suggestion made that perhaps IPCC’s Chairman, R K Pachauri should consider resigning his position, he replied, blaming it on an unfortunate mistake and said “I have no intention to of resigning from my position.”

Don’t forget also the infamous Hockey Stick Error. -OR- The Amazonian Rainforst error.

The IPCC under the Microscope
The charter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is “… to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. IPCC reports should be neutral with respect to policy.”

This make it a high-profile single-focus organization whose existence depends on its own reports. In other words it has a vested interest in promoting claims that would guarantee its funding and justify its continued existence.

This alone would be reason enough to closely examine its procedures and claims but the situation is made worse by the involvement of governments. These governments not only fund the IPCC but apparently accept its claims without question and allocate funding for climate research on the basis of those findings, then repeat the process when the next IPCC Assessment Report draws on the findings of that government-sponsored research to support its hypothesis.

Shouldn’t you also be suspicious of an organization that seeks to imply (or fails to correct false perceptions) that- it is impartial when it is clearly not,- that its authors and reviewers have no vested interest when most do,- that its climate models are accurate when they are not,- that all reviewers support the IPCC’s fundamental claims when very few explicitly do so- that its authors have a wide range of opinions and experience when many work together or have co-authored papers together – that all its authors support the critical claim when many merely reported on observations and far more others had to work from the assumption that the claim was correct?

Here are 50 articles that seriously question the credibility and integrity of the IPCC’s activities and claims.


Just ME in T says:

Don’t be fooled by what the Greens are presenting. Get your Elected Representative to agree to CHALLENGE what is being presented, with a view to reopening the debate about whether human kind is causing global warming – BUT THIS TIME include the credible scientists who are disputing this theory. ALL out in the open, or under the spotlight, and don’t forget it ain’t over till the fat lady sings……. Lets hope she remains silent for a long time yet!

Till next time, stay safe, be as well as you can, and keep praying for and writing to your politicians.


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