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Coldest winter since when?

According to the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab, last month had the second greatest December Northern Hemisphere snow cover since records were started in 1966.

What’s Up With That website/blog has some rather interesting fact, figures and graphs that show just how much snow has fallen recently, compared to the years from 1968 to the present.

Always an informative place to visit, I found the following ‘conversation’ written by Mariss Freimanisan an EE (? engineer) very stimulating and right upto speed!

I am a EE and not a scientist but I have followed AWG from its inception with a great deal of interest. It is my right as an informed person just as it is anyone’s right to understand the world we all live in.

What amazes me is we should be apologetic and offer proof man made global warming doesn’t exist. I believe from what I learn that there is be global warming. I believe it is a good good thing; we are still coming out of the Little Ice Age and temperatures have yet to fully recover from that episode.

What concerns me more than anything is the wholesale dismissal that anything good can come from warming temperatures. The message from AWG proponents is:

1) Our climate is perfect now.

2) CO2 is a toxin.
3) Human activity affects the climate.

1) Who says? What is the norm? 200 years ago it was a little cooler, a thousand years ago it was warmer. 15,000 years ago it was ice-age colder. Who picks what’s just right? Let me help out here; humans are hairless apes and they do best when temperatures are 25C or better.

The northern hemisphere has a disproportionate land area north of the tropics. An awful lot lies above the arctic circle. Can you imagine a world that was warmer and made these lands productive and livable? It would be a warmer world than we have now.

2) CO2 is the staff of life. All mammalian life depends on flora. We happen to be humans. Herbivores eat plants, we eat plants, we eat herbivores who eat plants. Meanwhile plants eat CO2. Our present levels of CO2 are at near famine level concentration for plants; trees die when concentrations drop below 200 ppm and we are at only 380 ppm. Plants need CO2; every indoors pot farmer knows this, that is why they flood the growing area with 1,000 ppm CO2. They are the true pragmatists.

CO2 may be a greenhouse gas but it’s a poor one in effectiveness and quantity. The 800-lb gorilla is water vapor, it is far more potent and far more plentiful. Why pick on CO2, its concentration has always lagged temperature by centuries rises in the past. It is a follower, not a leader. It has no effect on temperate directly.

3) Human activity. This is pure hubris. Where ever did we get the idea we are so important we think what we do has any effect on our earth’s climate? A few medium size volcano eruptions can place more CO2 and SO2 in the atmosphere than all of our human efforts. A little bit of humility would go a long way to understanding our true place in the greater scheme of things.

We have people that thought otherwise. They came up with 1-3 for the most debased of reasons, to make money. The CRU crew and others were government funded (as opposed to big oil funded) scientists and they crafted a nearly perfect crime.

Their sponsors, the politicians, invented a way to make money with cap-and-trade. Meanwhile the scientists whored-out science itself to keep the grant money coming in.

It was a match made in heaven and this synergism worked very well for 15 years until Nov 21, 2009


Just ME in T says:

Time for us to bombard our Elected Representatives with facts and figures. The Christmas recess is just about over and they will be preparing to return (in Australia) to Canberra, for our Federal Representatives, and to their office in the State legislature. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Ask questions, seek answers, vote with your feet.

Keep them all in your prayers, they need help and guidance from above!

Till next time, stay safe and PRAY.

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