>So tell me again please ~~~ Pt.2

>How exactly does this work?
Part 2.

But what is the United Nations going to
get out of all of this?
How do they figure in the equation?

Back on 11 December 2007 the UN approved a
Climate Adaption Fund to bolster the defences of poor countries that lack the money, technology and human resources to cope with climate change.

Before we go any further let us accept that where ever in this musing you see the phrase ‘Global Warming or Climate Change’ it means AGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming – Supposedly Caused by we human beings.

The fund was to be initially administered by the
Global Environment Facility, which donor governments established 16 years ago to fund conservation projects.

The World Bank was to act as its trustee, and a 16-member board, drawn from rich and poor nations from the Conference of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, were oversee it.

Funding was to come from a two per cent levy on revenues generated by the clean development mechanism, the scheme allowing industrialised nations to pay for carbon credits produced by emission-reduction projects in the developing world and credit them against their own emissions targets.

Like all schemes of this nature actually tracing the who, what, where and how of them is complex. But it seems there is some talk that the funds should be managed by the UN.

Oxfam’s Kelly Dent says the idea of a global fund under the auspices of the United Nations, that’s fair and transparent and with a role for developing countries must be the starting point. …… there is a small adaptation fund that’s currently been set up under the UNFCCC system which has some pretty good global governance structures in place. Now its probably unlikely that particular fund could absorb the type of scale of funding that is needed but certainly something along those lines.

At the Copenhagen Conference it was hoped that a new scheme could be put into effect and be agreed upon by all the nations present… YES pigs can fly – backwards too! It just never eventuated.

Firstly: New and lower Greenhouse gas emissions from the Developed Nations.

Secondly: For wealthy countries to “Provide new and additional financial resources to meet the agreed full costs incurred by developing country parties.

And the third goal was for developing countries to minimise their emissions whilst continuing to reduce poverty and develop their economies.

It should be noted that in this linked document one of the estimates is that of Oxfam International whose research shows that A$187 billion a year is needed to help poor countries reduce their emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change. (Oxfam Australia, Oxfam welcomes crucial Australian support for climate fund, 08/09/09, http://www.oxfam.org.au/)

One wonders exactly what Australia’s
contribution to this ‘fund’ is going to be?


Just ME in T says:

Stay with me if you are as curious as I am about how all of this is planned to fall into place.

In the mean time keep your Politicians in your prayers. I wonder just how many of them have delved into the make up of this World Wide Scheme, this proposal to tax us all to Kingdom Come, and then Rule us with an Iron Fist?

Till next time, stay safe and be as well as you can.


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