>So tell me again please ~~~ Pt. 1


How exactly does this work?
Part 1.

Australia’s target for a reduction in Carbon Emissions is a 5 per cent cut from 1990 levels by 2020. But that figure may change after Parliament comes back from the Christmas recess. Maybe Kevin will end up like Nicolas Sarkozy…. and the entire thing will be thrown out again!

However – we will give those figures to a committee at the United Nations and agree that the UN has the right to come and ensure we are keeping to our promises.

Australia signed onto the KYOTO Protocol and is BOUND by the agreement to reduce Carbon Emissions. However the KYOTO PROTOCOL expires in 2012 and that is why the Copenhagen Conference was so important. It would have superseded KYOTO.

Copenhagen is key as it’s where governments hope to agree to a new framework to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.

So Carbon Emitters (Industry) here in Australia will be charged a fee – still to be determined, (after all the shuffling and buying and trading in CARBON CREDITS) and that money will be collected (as in taxation) by Our Government, who will then ostensibly use those funds to encourage newer and cleaner forms of energy to be discovered and implemented – thereby reducing our reliance and need on DIRTY energy sources. I think I have that correct.

I have not come across any actual figures which the Government is telling us they will use for this taxation purpose. What I do understand though is that YOU and I, will end up paying more for electricity and other essential services.

If the cost of electricity rises, so will the cost of basic food items such as bread and milk…. a BBQ chicken will cost more as will a Pizza or Subway or McDonald’s Burger. If the cost of water purification goes up, because the cost of electricity has gone up, then we will pay more for water and sewerage. If the cost of petrol rises because it is a DIRTY Carbon Emitting Fuel, then the cost of all stores delivered to your supermarket will increase, as will the cost of posting a letter and having your garbage collected.

But what is the United Nations going to get out of all of this? How do they figure in the equation?


Just ME in T says:
There is a lot to this, and I am conscious that not everybody will be interested in my thought process. I will do my best to keep each part a reasonable reading length without it becoming too boring.
Please keep your Elected Representatives in your thoughts and prayers, they need our love, help and support. They need to tell the truth.
Till next time, stay safe.

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