>A Grumpy Old Man


Now I’ve heard it all.
We have to have A DEBATE on legalising marijuana,
because we are told,
so many people are now ‘using’.

If we are to use the same rationale, can we assume that, because so many people are shoplifting, we should debate whether or not we should legalise shoplifting? or because so many people are caught speeding, we should legalise (or abolish) speed limits? or because the law enforcement agencies often put things in the ‘too hard basket’ we should sack them all and let anarchy reign. Or what about, letting all the boat people jump the queue
because there are now too many to stop?

Back to the marijuana,
do they propose to tax the drug at the same rate as cigarettes?
What about ‘chop chop’ (home grown tobacco) is that to be legalised?
Well the same argument could apply to chop chop as to marijuana.

Call me a grumpy old man if you like,
but I see a darn good country going to pot (no pun intended)
because of moronic, stupid, lazy attitudes, that is ruining
Australia for my grand children and subsequent generations.

Where oh where are politicians
who can truly be called ‘statesmen’?
where are politicians with moral fibre,
where are politicians who put their own countrymen ahead
of all the blood suckers
who sponge on the Aussie tax payers?

Where are the politicians who are so willing

‘give away’ OUR money

at the expense of pensioners

who made this country good,

who worked and payed taxes all their life.

Yes folk I am bloody sick of them!! – who’d have guessed

A VERY grumpy old man!
Barry in Qld

Just ME in T says:

Barry has a point, and I am happy to post his letter here for you to read and comment on if you wish. Till next time, stay safe, enjoy welcoming in 2010, and please keep praying for your politicians….. they need all the help they can get!

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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