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THE Australian delegation to the Copenhagen climate change conference could (and actually did) number 114, official documents reveal.That number dwarfs the 71-strong British delegation. Such is the size of the delegation, it includes a dedicated “baggage liaison officer”.
The carbon footprint for 114 people travelling to Copenhagen and back business class amounts to 1817 tonnes of emissions — the equivalent to the annual output of 2500 people in Malawi.

The list appears to contradict assurances from Kevin Rudd’s office last weekend that fewer than 50 federal officials would attend.It includes 10 attendees listed as members of the Prime Minister’s personal staff, on top of six representatives from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.
The names of 29 officials from the Department of Climate Change are listed, along with bureaucrats from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Agency for International Development, the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Treasury and the Bureau of Meteorology.
The list suggests a communications and a stakeholder manager from the Department of Climate Change, as well as the communications officer and three media liaison officers from the Australian embassy in Denmark, will be along.
An official photographer from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet will be on hand to record the proceedings.

~~~~ Do I see a hairdresser, manicurist and masseuse listed ? – cynical I know BUT!

There is no indication that any one of the 114 conference attendees – that cost $8.5 million to go to Copenhagen with Rudd – is a scientist. And this is a conference supposedly about scientific consensus on matters of science. It shows, of course, that it’s not about science at all, but politics and who gets how much in legal bribery – much like the ETS.

And to sum up a possible reason why Our Kevin would want, need or desire to spend so much of yours and mine – tax payers dollars on this fiasco in Copenhagen….

He wants a top job at the UN
and if he has to sell you me and our grandchildren
down the drain to do it –
he will.


Just ME in T says:
Sad isn’t it when you cannot even trust the people you voted for, to stick to their guns….. as it were. Kevin wants to cut carbon emissions, yet spends HUGE ($8.5 Million?) on something like this which really did not produce the goods! That was a foregone conclusing before they jetted off to Copenhagen!
Of course the question still remains to be answered:
Are we humans responsible for climate change?
Is climate change (as is supposed to be happening right now) merely part of a natural sometimes hot, sometimes cold episode the Earth goes through?
Are Kevin and our Elected Government going to investigate the claims made by the ‘Climategate’ and ‘Russian’ crtitics, who profess to have proof that figures facts and data has been deliberately fudged, mismanaged and corrupted to suit the needs of those who will benefit from a world wide declaration of AGW, and the need to have a UN Treaty to tax the living daylights out of us?
I for one would like to see some open and honest debate especially geared towards finding out if things are screwed towards AGW and the BIG $$$$$$$$.
I still wonder why, with this technological age in which we live, this conference could not have been done via satellite or something similar?
Ah well I guess they will allow the dust to settle over Christmas, in the hope we will forget what truly happened and how much it cost WE the people of Australia now, and for future generations.
Keep Praying for your Politicians…. they need all the help they can get.

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