>Rare, Medium or Well Done?


How’d you like your books done?

Once again the Scientific Community is found to be ‘cooking the books’.

Mike Adams today, is reporting that the effectiveness and safety of the ‘wonder drug’ Tamiflu has been called into question, by non other than the Chochrane Collaboration. Roche, based in Basel, Switzerland, defended the drug’s benefits and its research, saying confidentiality agreements with patients enrolled in the trials kept the company from giving the investigators unreserved access to the findings.

The Cochrane report raises questions about how drugs are reviewed, approved and distributed, Fiona Godlee, the British journal’s editor in chief, wrote in an editorial. The studies originally used to establish the benefits of Tamiflu were written by Roche employees and paid consultants, under-reported serious side effects and failed to clearly identify all the authors, she wrote. In at least one case, a study was attributed to a researcher who disavowed any involvement to the journal, Godlee wrote.

I have to say, that it appears once again that there are factors at play, in the field of the sciences, that indicate strongly unethical actions are taking place. Noticeably we have Climatgate, which main stream media is either ignoring or downplaying. We have proof that pharmaceutical interests are less than honest in their dealings with the general public, who they profess to want to serve by ‘curing’ dis-ease with drugs. Not only are they less than honest with those they profess to want to heal, they lie to the very Governmental agencies (FDA) who require accurate information to assess a drugs potential for harm or (ugh) health.

Just who can you trust where the
MIGHTY $ is involved?

When the recent OINK Pandemic hit the fan, Tamiflu stocks were quickly brought into the fight against this so called ‘killer influenza’. Did not matter how often we read that these drugs would not be effective in stopping the spread of OINK, they were still employed – used – used up quickly.

As OINK turned out to be not so deadly after all, one has to wonder what damage has been done to people persuaded to take Tamiflu, both physically and financially for that matter. These drugs are not inexpensive. Governments had stockpiled massive amounts of these drugs, amazing isn’t it that they could use them up so effectively on a virus that turned out to be less deadly that your seasonal influenza!

Amazing also is it not, that for reasons not fully explained, the use by date of Tamiflu was extended, so that stockpiles could be distributed and used up.

So how do you want your books served? Rare, Medium or Well Done? Seems you may not get a choice!


From Just Me in T, stay safe and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the almighty dollar…… it usually leaves a trail you can follow.


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