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What about climategate and the Danish text dispute, with a central bank controlling the money, the downward spiraling economy that will turn into a devastated economy, and the investments of Blood and Gore?

Gore is co-founder of Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offsets that allow rich polluters to continue with a clear conscience. It’s a scheme that will make traders of this new commodity rich and Bernie Madoff look like a pickpocket. The other founder is former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood.As Stephen Milloy, author of “Green Hell,” points out, Goldman Sachs is lobbying for climate change legislation and is part owner of the Chicago Climate Exchange, where carbon credits from cap and trade would be traded.

The poor will be taxed to pay for the other poor.

The economy will take a massive hit.

The power and money will be used for a central power to dictate to the countries that sign up.

I am not disbelieving in climate change, but this is not the answer. I am also supported in my distrust, by many others, including scientists.

The IPCC has 2,500 experts on global warming.

Less than 1% are climatologists.

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, is not a Climatologist.

Al Gore is not a Climatologist.

31,486 scientists, including 9,029 with PhDs, plus 650 of the worlds top Climatologists, challenge global warming.

That’s 32,136 against global warming to 2,500 for global warming.

Are we are being scared into or brainwashed into Cap and Trade (Carbon Trading Schemes) before we know the truth. I suggest readers connect to the Wall Street Journal article on “Follow the Money”


As it notes, “Professor Jones (one of the main climate gates conspirators), along with other academics at the university, received more than 50 separate grants with a value of £13.7 million from a number of funding bodies including the European Union, NATO, and the US department of energy.

Thus, the European Commission’s most recent appropriation for climate research comes to nearly $3 billion, and that’s not counting funds from the EU’s member governments.

In the U.S., the House intends to spend $1.3 billion on NASA’s climate efforts, $400 million on NOAA’s, and another $300 million for the National Science Foundation. American states also have a piece of the action, with California—apparently not feeling bankrupt enough—devoting $600 million to their own climate initiative.

In Australia, alarmists have their own Department of Climate Change at their funding disposal. And all this is only a fraction of the $94 billion that HSBC estimates has been spent globally this year on what it calls “green stimulus”—largely ethanol and other alternative energy schemes—of the kind from which Al Gore and his partners at Kleiner Perkins hope to profit handsomely”.

So claiming what he calls deniers are tainted by big money is truly the pot calling the kettle black.



Me in T says: If you find the above interesting, it would pay you to read the entire page it comes from. Someone there writes interesting tales me thinks!

Till next time, stay safe and keep an eye on that Black Pot!


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