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A word that seems to strike fear into the very souls of politicians and other representatives attending Copenhagen, so much fear in fact that it has caused those in (so called) ‘authority’ over there to publicly announce that Climategate is a Heinous Crime, so it goes without saying the perpetrators should be charged because they are heinous criminals.
Interesting isn’t it that you don’t read or hear terribly much about the finding of these perpetrators…. who is doing the looking I wonder? and if these criminals are eventually caught and even more ‘fraudulent’ revelations come to light, who will be more embarrassed? I say find them and lets deal with facts and truth.
In the mean time, the ‘Goremunster’ is waffling at the mouth again. When will he finally realise that he is a public laughing stock? Pack up your award Mr. Gore and retire as graciously as you can and fade into Vice Presidential oblivion. Foot in Mouth Disease is not pleasant!

The Goracle speaks on Climategate
This week, The Goracle spoke. Appearing on CNN, he claimed that the emails to and from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia were more than 10 years old and amounted to a mere discussion of “arcane points.” What this was really about, he said, was an example of “people who don’t want to do anything about the climate crisis taking things out of context and misrepresenting them.” But then what would you expect Mr. Gore to say about his co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize? If they go down, he goes down.
The emails, (which in fact date up to late this year), far from being meaningless or out of context, show alteration of scientific data and flagrant attempts to rig the peer review process, which the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has always claimed was the bedrock of its scientific objectivity.
During his CNN interview, Mr. Gore went through his usual parade of extreme weather factoids, technological wonkery and green stimulus fantasies, while spouting blatant untruths. Asked about the relative contribution of humans to atmospheric CO2 emissions, he claimed that they put up “the majority” (in fact, they are estimated to contribute about one-twentieth). Interestingly, though, Mr. Gore didn’t use one of the staples of his climate vaudeville act: that “deniers” are like those who believe that the moon landing was faked. Perhaps even he lacked the gall to bring up conspiracy theories when the evidence of a genuine conspiracy is so obvious.
Mr. Gore and his cohorts have consistently smeared climate realists and policy skeptics as “deniers,” paranoiacs or corporate shills. “Denier” invokes Holocaust denial. Paranoia is linked to those conspiracy theorists who claim that Neil Armstrong’s lunar landscape was really a movie backlot. The corporate shill angle is usually based on “exposing” some skeptical individual’s or organization’s link to Big Oil, which is in fact irrelevant unless you judge science on the basis of funding rather than objectivity. Oil companies in fact devote far more money to supporting climate hysteria.
Nevertheless, the corporate angle means that skeptics can simultaneously be identified as crazy conspiracy theorists, and part of a corporate conspiracy! For example, U.S. warmist Senator Barbara Boxer recently claimed that “email-theft-gate” required “looking at a criminal activity which could well have been co-ordinated.” We don’t have to ask who did the co-ordinating.
The anti-skeptic smears serve to avoid addressing the valid issues they raise. Mr. Gore has resolutely refused to debate his opponents on the basis that there is nothing to debate. The shenanigans at CRU prove there is. The new line of obfuscation is that the past century’s temperature record is still intact and the glaciers are still melting! But the key issue is why, and what can or should be done about these alleged facts (which now require treble checking).
Nobody is denying that the past 10 years may have featured some of the hottest years “on record,” but that is not what is in dispute. What is in dispute is the degree to which human activity is responsible. Also, “hot compared to what?” The warming of the past century has been relatively mild, and “the record” goes back only a relatively short time.
The entire story is available here:
Al ‘Me Pal’ —- (gulp) you have an absolute Mountain of Disinformation credited to you, which anyone who really digs for truth (should that be climbs for truth) will uncover. Time for you to shut up, pack up and wise up asap.
From ME in T, till next time, stay safe and seek truth.

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