RIP Climategate

>Its only a few days since I penned the words ‘trust no one – every one has their price’.

This morning (so soon?) we learn that our ‘trusted’ United Nations Intercontinental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who had promised us an open and honest investigation into the Scandal that has become known world wide as Climategate has backtracked – in full view of the entire world – and declared:

….. the scientists “are being unfairly targeted.” Pachauri said, “The persons who have worked on this report, and those who unfortunately have been victims of this terrible and illegal act, are outstanding scientists, and have contributed enormously over the 20, 21 years of the existence of the IPCC.”

So now all their efforts will be put into ? finding out who perpetrated this heinous crime of releasing to the public, emails and file showing murky carrying on between some of the top scientists involved in preparing (so called) irrefutable data proving AGW.

Pachauri stated that his only concern was finding out who was behind it, not if there are any problems with the science behind the man made climate change theory or the scientists that formulated it. “I think this is an illegal act. The only issue that has to be dealt with as far as this occurrence is concerned is to find out who is behind it,” he said.

Question: who bought them off?.

I am not ready for a funeral yet ARE YOU?

Till next time, stay safe and be wary of promises made by Governmental bodies, who have much at stake!


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  1. Pru says:

    >Well – at least there are a few different enquiries being conducted into "Climategate" – but we will have to pay astute attention for the results as no doubt they will swept under the media rug pretty quick too!

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