Mr. Rudd Please Explain


The Hon Julie Bishop MP
Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600

Ph: 02 6277 2102 Fax: 02 6277 8497

9 December 2009


Rudd Government must explain Copenhagen commitments

The Prime Minister must provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of the
consequences of any new international agreement reached at the Copenhagen
Conference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before any commitment is made
on behalf of the Australian people, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop said today.

Ms Bishop said Mr Rudd should also explain immediately whether he or members of his Government have been involved in an agreement reportedly drafted by a “circle of commitment” involving Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

“Mr Rudd must reveal the terms of any secret deal and the potential impact of that deal on the Australian economy and he must fully inform the Australian people of the implications before he signs any new treaty, framework or agreement, and whether it is legally binding,” she said.

“Australia is responsible for 1.5% of global emissions and has been identified as the country most at risk economically from any international agreement to significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

“The danger for Australia is that thousands of jobs could be destroyed and industry forced offshore, without any environmental benefit.

“Mr Rudd must fully explain the impact on Australia of any agreement before he signs on the dotted line.”

Just ME in T says: Please Mr. Rudd would you kindly explain to the people of Australia what shenanigans you are getting up to behind the scenes in Copenhagen, without the knowledge and approval of those who voted you in, to represent the People of Australia. We all would dearly like to know.

Till next time, stay safe and keep an ear out for what ‘Our Kevin’ is doing on our behalf.


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  1. Pru says:

    >Thanx for posting that news C-in-T & good on Julie B. for putting the exact question that needs answering by K.Rudd RIGHT NOW!!!

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