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So Climb Aboard Mates, and lets go explore the hidden depths. There’s more to being a pirate than you thought. We have to dig deep to find buried treasure, and that’s what we be after. Right?

“Climate change is coming in a much faster speed and much more devastating power that we ever thought,” said Greenpeace Campaigner Thomas Henningsen.

OK OK, blind Freddie can see that there is something happening with world weather patterns, but WHAT IF……. Instead of Global Warming, you flipped the coin and we got ourselves Global Cooling?

From Hot to Cold?

But what if the Earth was no longer warming, but cooling? One image shows how the sun has looked for most of 2008 and 2009– devoid of any sunspots. NASA says sunspot activity is now at a 100 year low.

“The sun is very cold right now and when there are no sunspots, the sun is cold, and that is one of the reasons we haven’t seen warming for the past 12 years or so,” said former Virginia state climatologist Patrick Michaels.

“We haven’t seen any net change in temperature for about 12 years now,” Michaels added. “We had a warming that began in 1977 and ended somewhere in late1997, and it hasn’t been seen since.”

Michaels is the author of the book, Climate of Extremes, about the current political and scientific environment, in which facts like the current lack of warming get trampled in the rush to “save the planet.”

A little more reading helps us find:

“The scientific record shows that between the 1600s and 1700s, sun spot activity was very low, and the Earth was so cold that the period became known as the “little ice age.”

So let’s see if we can dig up some further details on the THEORY of GLOBAL COOLING —- Yes a theory, just as worthwhile investigating as the THEORY of AGW.

The Skeptic’s argument

“It was the post war industrialization that caused the rapid rise in global CO2 emissions, but by 1945 when this began, the Earth was already in a cooling phase that continued until 1975. With 32 years of rapidly increasing global temperatures and only a minor increase in global CO2 emissions, followed by 33 years of slowly cooling global temperatures with rapid increases in global CO2 emissions, it was deceitful for the IPCC to make any claim that CO2 emissions were primarily responsible for observed 20th century global warming.” (Norm Kalmanovitch)

Some of their arguments can be found here:

It’s the sun

Climate’s changed before

There is no consensus

It’s cooling

Models are unreliable

Temp record is unreliable

It hasn’t warmed since 1998

Ice age predicted in the 70s

We’re heading into an ice age

Antarctica is gaining ice

View All Arguments…

COPENHAGEN, Denmark and WASHINGTON – The Obama administration says climate change is a serious health issue and the EPA has even labeled carbon dioxide as pollution.

Now, many fear global warming is the greatest threat to mankind, but what if the Earth was no longer warming, and began to cool?

“Out in space the sun remains on a record pace at 51 days without sunspots, and no expectations of any change soon. We’ll be in the top 3 longest quiet periods by Wednesday evening (tied with 54 days from 1879) and by late next week we’ll head into the 2nd position as we surpass 63 days from 1901.

The daily solar observations began in 1849, but we know from other observations between 1400 and 1830 that these periods of sunspot minimums were associated with a 400-year stretch known as the Little Ice Age.

The only problem with observations from that time is that there were no telescopes and satellites with the observational power we have today. In other words, the long periods without sunspots are even more impressive now because we can pick out the smallest sunspot, ones that would have been missed 100 to 200 years ago. We won’t know if this is true for a long time, but at this point there is no reason to discount the idea that we’re heading into another Little Ice Age, or possible a major ice age. Time will tell…”See entire article:

So Matey’s, let us keep us an open mind, and learn as much as we can. See what these scientists have to say, and then we can be on our way to where the “treasure”, the truth of climate change be buried!

Till our next adventure…… Stay Safe and keep your cutlass sharpened.


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