>November 19th 2009


Some dates stand out in one’s memory, like the date the Second World War officially ended in Europe, the date the Twin Towers were attacked in NY, the date Gough Whitlam was dismissed as Prime Minister of Australia, the date the Pan Pharmaceutical Debacle crippled the Complimentary Health Industry in Oz…. These dates, and those of a more personal nature such as, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, birthdays of children and grand children all have an important place in our lives.

I believe that November 19th 2009 will stand out in the memory of those who are seriously searching for a truthful answer to the ‘THEORY – or conjecture’ of Man Made Climate Change.

I use the words ‘theory OR conjecture’ because if the information which appeared on the internet on Nov 19th (from hacked emails)is correct, then those scientists responsible for feeding us the ‘line’ that we as a species, are responsible for causing Global Warming, and have now admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based have much to answer for.

Science was always (to me at least) the epitome of truth. Maybe I am childish in my thoughts on what defines truth, however I believed, rightly or wrongly that scientists observed things happening and came to theories and conclusions, AFTER being able to repeat and reproduce the same results time after time. I was also led to believe that other members of the scientific community could view these test results so as to be able to reproduce them themselves. Seemingly I was wrong.

IF the information contained in these hacked/leaked emails is factual, then we are learning that these PRO, Man Made Global Warming Scientists (AGW) changed the data to suit their own hypothesis, and then destroyed the pages their original data came from. When data did not suit their own ends, they manipulated it to show warming, when there was none, to wipe out historic periods of climate cooling, and more recently, failed to show that there has been no warming for our planet over the past ten years. There is much to read if you go searching about all of this.

November 19th, 2009 – a day in history that will forever point to the fallacy of
Anthropological Global Warming. Let the truth be seen, be heard, and let science once again (be able to) hold its head up high.

But you can also laugh at what they tried to achieve – caught out guy’s!


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